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Matron of Honor Duties
The maid/matron of honor is chosen to be a witness and also to play a very strong and important role in the planning of the eagerly awaited wedding event. This person is usually a very close family member or a best friend of the bride. She will be an individual that will stand out among the bridesmaids and be displayed as an important figure in the brides life.
Bridesmaids Duties in The Wedding
A bridesmaids party is made up of between four to six ladies who have played a special role in the brides life and sometimes someone close to the groom such as a sister or family member. This party will be a big support to the bride-to-be during the planning and stressful periods approaching the day of her wedding.

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Dealing With Bridal Party Issues

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Well your big day is approaching, wow, the stress is overwhelming and you are anticipating a wedding of your dreams. With all the decisions you are faced with, the last thing you need to worry about is your wedding party (other than the usual that is). All being mature adults you would think everything would go as planned with no unnecessary worries right?...wrong.


Lets think of some things that could go wrong or become an issue on this your big day:

  • Bridesmaids not getting along
  • An individual needs to pull out of partaking due to personal reasons
  • Either you or your fiancé have too many people to include in your wedding and cannot make a decision on who to cut.

Well lets work with these complications and see how we may work out the problems.
Starting with:

Bridesmaids not getting along-
Well, for some this can be a real nightmare, dealing with such situations can be very difficult. Just because these individuals are all close to you does not mean they will all meet eye to eye with each other.

A bride should try to avoid these conflicts because she will most likely get too involved and seem as though she is taking sides. To best avoid having to confront this situation and end up spoiling that great makeup job, ask your mother or another close individual to help out. Someone needs to be there as a referee if such disputes take place, without taking the problem to the overwhelmed bride-to-be.
Someone needs to pull out of your wedding party-
This can happen, last minute family situations or emergency pop up unexpectedly. Don’t be offended or have bad feelings, this will not help the situation. What you can do to patch up for unexpected turn of events is to ask individual to step in if needed (as a back up) this often works out well. An even amount of bridesmaids to the same number of groomsmen is not always necessary in most cases, you can have an odd number if such situation should come up.
Too many siblings to include-
Well unless you are having an all family wedding party you probably wont be able to include all of your sisters, brothers or in-laws in the event. If this happens to be the case for you however, choosing the right individuals to take part will need to be based on the comfort level and relationship. Explain to those not chosen the reason behind your decisions and if possible offer them another part in your wedding which holds a significance to your wedding, delegating other responsibilities can help to make these people feel involved.
Too many best friends-
Deciding between friends is one big problem, most of us don’t even have one best friend let alone a few, this can be a blessing of its own but when choosing between them you are often left to feel like the bad guy. Hopefully your friends understands the role they have played in your life and for that reason accept your choices with ease and understanding. The choices you could be faced with is, who to choose as matron of honor (if that position has not already been taken), how many friends are you able to include in your wedding party, etc.
These are some helpful hints to assist you with some of the problems you could be faced with. If you should encounter any problems that are causing stress try to get some advise from other family members or individuals who have recently gotten married themselves, this may prove to be even more worth know... hey, they have already been there and dealt with that.

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