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Matron of Honor Duties
The maid/matron of honor is chosen to be a witness and also to play a very strong and important role in the planning of the eagerly awaited wedding event. This person is usually a very close family member or a best friend of the bride. She will be an individual that will stand out among the bridesmaids and be displayed as an important figure in the brides life.
Bridesmaids Duties in The Wedding
A bridesmaids party is made up of between four to six ladies who have played a special role in the brides life and sometimes someone close to the groom such as a sister or family member. This party will be a big support to the bride-to-be during the planning and stressful periods approaching the day of her wedding.

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Financial Responsibilities For the Bride & Her Family

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Financial Responsibilities For the Bride & Her Family

You are going to be a bride, wow what a day to look forward to. As with all parties or large affairs being planned, emotional and financial strain may become a part of your daily concerns. For the most part, many families will hold old traditions close and follow through with marriage rituals and/or beliefs.

A common tradition that is often fallowed through with is the ‘who pays for what factor’. Although the financial strain of planning a wedding may seem overwhelming, getting help from your family can take a lot of pressure off your hands. Your fiancée too will have certain financial obligations throughout the time of preparing for the biggest day of your lives.

In older traditions the bride’s family paid for their daughters wedding. In today’s common wedding society however, the financial responsibilities have been broken up between both parties getting married. Below is a list that indicates a few areas in which you as a bride and your family will be responsible for financially with the approach of the wedding.

The bride and her family

  • Invitations, announcements and reception cards
  • Ceremony fees
  • Flowers and decorations for ceremony and reception
  • Flowers for attendants
  • All reception expenses
  • Rented transportation
  • Accommodations for out of town attendants
  • Photography
  • Entertainment for the ceremony and reception
  • Gifts for the bridal party
  • Brides attire
  • Grooms wedding ring

As you can see there are a lot of expenses that will primarily be laid in the hands of you and your family. Depending on your family’s values and traditions however, these financial responsibilities are not a rule of thumb. In no way should you nor your fiancée rely on your parents to financially support you throughout the planning stages of your upcoming wedding. This will commonly be discussed openly and with a degree of understanding before a final decision is made.

As married couple to be, you may decide that regardless of your parent’s decision to help out financially, you should still stand the bulk of the financial responsibilities; this is ok, unless of coarse your parents are firmly insisting they do, by all means let them. They are your parents and their intent is only to give you the very best of start in your new life together.

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