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Proper Skin Care Best Practices
Cleansing the skin on your body can help to keep your skin looking and feeling healthy at all times. Many people will blame the weather and air dryness for the condition of their skin, when in fact it has a lot more to do with the soaps used and the treatment given. Dry and itchy skin is the most common skin problem that people suffer with on a daily basis.
Advantage to Home SkinTreatment
Wouldn't it be nice to go on your honeymoon with healthy looking skin that wont need the constant application of moisturizers? Well you can! Many people have little time to care for their skin and its health. Not all skin treatments will consume a lot of time as is thought by some people. 

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The Benefits of Shaving or Waxing For Great Legs

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The Benefits of Shaving or Waxing For Great Legs

It's almost that time to say "I do" and you are planning quite the vacation of sun and fun. Though the honeymoon will be a blast away from it all, the responsibility of grooming yourself will still be a fact that will include; your hair, your legs and harms.

Most women will shave their legs on a weekly or daily basis; others will get their legs waxed. Waxing would be a more suitable option prior to the honeymoon. Waxing your legs and/or harms will provide the convenience of time because unlike shaving a wax job remove hairs from the roots and therefore purlongs regrowth. For this reason, the option of waxing is favored for most brides especially those planning a sunny bikini honeymoon vacation. If waxing is not your preference however, giving your legs a proper shave is another option that will also leave your skin feeling smooth and soft without the pain and better, it's more economical.


During the summer months or on a honeymoon, a woman’s legs will get shaven the most. If you are planning a trip or a honeymoon it is a good idea to get the basics on proper techniques to getting a closer and healthier shave. Shaving can cause your legs to look and feel irritated if the procedure is not done correctly. What many women don’t realize is that shaving actually exfoliates the skin. Shaving, to this day, is the most economical and convenient way for removing unwanted leg hairs.

Commercial shaving products

There are many products on the market that are especially created and designed with the needs of women in mind. You will see commercials advertising the most advance steps in shaving your legs, deciding on what product to use will be a decision primarily based on your opinion of the product/s. Regardless of the product you use when shaving there are some simple guidelines that will still be necessary to achieve the type of outcome you desired.

Starting out-

Skin should be wet and softened before you begin shaving. Damp the skin with water then apply soap, shampoo, liquid body cleanser, shower or shaving gel. Lather it up well and then shave. Starting from the ankle working your way up the leg, shave in an upward direction, as you want to shave toward the angle the hair grows in. This will give you a good close and less irritated shave. Once both legs are completely shaved, pat them dry with a clean towel and apply moisturizer or body lotion.

What not to do when shaving your legs-

  • Do not shave legs before wetting them.
  • Do not shave if your legs are badly sunburned.
  • Do not shave if you are going into a chlorine filled pool.
  • Shaving should not be done before a message or spa treatment.
  • Use a good razor, a dull one can pull the hairs.

Hopefully these handy tips will be beneficial to you and the way you shave your legs from this point on and throughout your holiday.


Waxing is another way for removing unwanted body hairs. It costs more and is less convenient in the sense that you must let your hair grow in a bit before having the procedure done again. During the summer months this is most difficult because most women will hate the site of their unwanted hairs growing in visibly to others. On the other hand waxing is great because the hairs are pulled out from the roots and their re-growth can take weeks to grow back in. Some women may be preferable to this because of it’s longer duration effect on re-growth. More time can be spent enjoying the summer days or honeymoon vacation.

The procedure can be done at home with the correct equipment but is most commonly done at a salon or spa. The procedure includes the use of hot wax that is melted in a special warmer. It is applied to the assigned area and covered with a cloth. After seconds the wax dries onto the cloth which is then removed swiftly, pulling the unwanted hairs out from the root. This procedure can be painful but most women get use to it after a while.

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