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Proper Skin Care Best Practices
Cleansing the skin on your body can help to keep your skin looking and feeling healthy at all times. Many people will blame the weather and air dryness for the condition of their skin, when in fact it has a lot more to do with the soaps used and the treatment given. Dry and itchy skin is the most common skin problem that people suffer with on a daily basis.
Advantage to Home SkinTreatment
Wouldn't it be nice to go on your honeymoon with healthy looking skin that wont need the constant application of moisturizers? Well you can! Many people have little time to care for their skin and its health. Not all skin treatments will consume a lot of time as is thought by some people. 

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Experience of an At-Home Spa Treatment

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Experience of an At-Home Spa Treatment

OK, so you've got your wedding stressing you out and time seems to go by so quickly that the time for yourself is just never conveniently available, how you would love to have a nice, quite and peaceful moment to yourself, a day at the spa maybe?

Though the spa is definitely a location many brides would love to visit regularly during the planning of their wedding, doing it at home may also prove satisfying with just you, some scented aromas, the warmth of the tub and some soft music. This would be a moment spent with yourself that is relaxing, peaceful and sublime. The tub you would probably be surprised to know is the number one location to get away from it all for so many who wants to feel pampered in a rather peaceful and tranquil atmosphere surrounded by the scents of fresh flowers or other aromatic smells.

home-spa.gifPampering yourself

With a sea sponge in hand for those rough tender spots, turning your bath into a bouillabaisse type filled with a variety of your favorite aromatic mineral salts, glistening bath oils, the infusion of herbs and flowers this will no doubt be an experience worth savoring in.


Adding aromatic scented candles to reflect dim light and shades will take effect and you will soon find yourself immersing in a warm solitude of delicious smells and feelings. After such an experience the world involving the planning of your wedding event will be yours again for the next round.

The personally comforting moments spent in a bath can do wonders to your spirit. The ritual of soaking and cleansing in a soothing bath does not only strip and relax the body but will also clear the mind and give a tremendous lift to your spirit. To think that this can be achieved from a simple bath is good enough to at least try. No, not your common ten minute bath time where you are in a rush at finishing up and get on with the burdens, but is rather time well spent where you can let loose and relax peacefully and in full appreciation of what it can do. 30 to 40 minutes two to three times per week minimum should be the amount of time spent for this at home relaxation period prior to and even after your big event.

If you are like some people that believe your time is too crowded to allow for this type of luxury especially in preparing for the wedding event, then you are the one that need it most. Lets start with a home spa, adding a sign outside the door “I would like to be left alone” will do.

An homemade spa

We will start by providing you with some ideas on creating your very own home spa. All that is needed to start the process is a bathtub and some creative imagination to help in creating the atmosphere. You can use the petals of fresh flowers to strew in the water. Get a few aromatic candles to use for a warm glow and to set atmosphere and presence. Now with the lingering scents and that warm glow you are almost ready. Next, you will need a loofah or brush, salts, oils, sweet smelling soaps, soft sounding music or nature sounds if available and you are ready to experience what many already term as "heaven on earth".

home-spa2.gifGetting ready for your homemade spa-

Get these thing organized before you are ready. This way the moment of your sybaritic soak will not be altered from the absence of items that were to provide for added comfort and convenience.




  • Bath pillow (to rest your head on as you relax)
  • Seashells
  • Candles (for that dim atmosphere)
  • Body oil ( for skin moisturizing)
  • Thick soft cotton bath mat ( getting out should be almost as comforting as getting in)
  • Bath crystals and/or other oils that will produce an aromatherapy ingredient
  • Body scrub
  • Long-handled bath brush
  • Soft cotton terry cloth slippers and robe (to provide for that tender hug of comfort before and after your bath)
  • Milled vegetable soap ( to combine with the sea sponge for a gentler soothing wash)
  • Herbal eye pillow
  • Two large fluffy bath towels ( One to dry and wrap your hair the other to dry your body before the soft robe hug of course)
  • Glass of water with ice and a lemon slice along with some herbal tea (water to be used to rehydrate after your bath and tea to relax with for a few minutes before)
  • CD or cassette tape player with soft sounds (atmosphere is even more relished in with soft nature sounds of music)


With everything set and your “I would like to be left alone” sign posted outside the door, you are ready to unwind. The steps you take to enjoying your bath is now yours to enjoy.

Try to take the time to relish in the moment; a rushed bath is hardly the type that will have you feeling relaxed and comfortable. Use the equipment you have prepared to their fullest advantage and soak your tension away, you will be happy you did. If time is available, this would also be the best time to give yourself a pedicure.

This wonderful bath time of bath salts and oils are much better for your skin than the common bubble bath. A bubble bath does not offer any particular benefits and will only dry out your skin more along an increased risk of having a vaginal yeast infection.

As a simple rule of thumb when taking a bath; it is best to avoid products that contains the ingredient sodium lauryl sulfate, this is the most irritating content ingredient to your skin that is quite common in bubble baths. We are sure you will find the above method much more relaxing and comforting to you spirit, body and enjoyment.

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