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Deciding on The Veil Headpiece
Veils come in many styles and are usually chosen to accent particular facial features and or beautiful hairstyles. Veils and headpieces range from combs, bands, hats or tiaras. The style, in which you will wear your hair on the day of the wedding, will help you in determining the type of headpiece or veil to consider.
Wedding Gown Sleeve Style Guide Sleeves are an important part of the overall look you are trying to achieve when shopping for a wedding gown; they range in style from long to short. Many different styles are also available, some puffy, some slim fitting. The one right for you will depend on the time of year your wedding is scheduled for and the style of your gown.

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Style Reference to Wedding Gown Trains

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Most wedding dresses will include a train; trains come in different lengths and styles. The appropriate train length and style will all depend on the formality of the wedding. For style reference to wedding gown trains there are three common lengths, which includes;

  • Sweep
  • Chapel,
  • Cathedral

The sweep-
The sweep train, most popular with semiformal weddings falls only about six inches onto the floor. This train is not very long but just long enough to offer a wedding dress appearance without over doing it.

The chapel-
The chapel train seems to be the perfect length for most brides, it falls as much as twenty inches on the floor. Because of its length it is the most popular train chosen by most brides.

The cathedral-
Then we have the cathedral train, this train is the longest train available. It can stretch anywhere from twenty inches or longer. The long cathedral train is the perfect one for the extravagant wedding. This train can spread the whole length of the church’s center isle. This is definitely a train worn for a very formal wedding affair.

Different train styles include: the Wateau, Capelot, and the detachable. All trains can be shortened or taken off to allow for easier mobility. This is why brides are able to dance during their reception with out tripping or falling.

  • The Wateau is a train that flows from the back yoke.
  • The Capelot is a train that flows from the back of the shoulders.
  • The detachable train is the most common it falls from the waistline and can be detached completely.

Aside from the detachable train, the others can be bustled, this means that the train can be hooked and folded on the back of the dress to keep it off of the ground and out of the brides way during the reception.

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