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Deciding on The Veil Headpiece
Veils come in many styles and are usually chosen to accent particular facial features and or beautiful hairstyles. Veils and headpieces range from combs, bands, hats or tiaras. The style, in which you will wear your hair on the day of the wedding, will help you in determining the type of headpiece or veil to consider.
Wedding Gown Sleeve Style Guide Sleeves are an important part of the overall look you are trying to achieve when shopping for a wedding gown; they range in style from long to short. Many different styles are also available, some puffy, some slim fitting. The one right for you will depend on the time of year your wedding is scheduled for and the style of your gown.

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Gown Necklines For The Fashion Focus Bride

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Gown Necklines For The Fashion Focus Bride

The focal point on most wedding gowns will include the train, neckline, bodice and the sleeves. These areas will come in many styles and will differ depending on the style of the gown. The formality of the wedding, of coarse, should also play a part in selecting the correct style to suit the occasion. Special consideration should be put into these areas, as these areas are meant to be flattering to your body and overall look.

Starting with necklines, pulling attention to a beautiful neck or stunning shoulders can be achieved with certain styles. Here is a list of commonly known necklines that may be flattering to your natural physique.

Gown Necklines:


neckline1.gif  Portrait style-
This style is flattering to the shoulders bust line and face. It is known to frame these areas with its off the shoulder style.
neckline2.gif Queen Anne-
This semi-sweetheart shape opens up into a high neckline that sculptures the neck. It is flattering to those with a long or graceful neck.
neckline3.gif Sweetheart-
This style is with a neckline that opens similar to a heart shaped design that fits comfortably around the shoulder and neck area.
neckline4.gif Décolletage-
The top front part of the gown is V-shaped and low cut. It often reveals cleavage and emphasizes the bust line.
neckline5.gif V-neck-
This style looks exactly the way it sounds. The V-shaped neck is perfect for those with a flattering bust line.
neckline6.gif Sabrina-
This style is the only one that crosses the collarbone. This may be more comfortable to the bride with a small bust or for those more conservative.
neckline7.gif Scoop-
Just as it sounds, this dresses neckline falls in a scoop shape. It is rounded and shows off the chest area.
neckline8.gif Band collar-
This style has a band like appearance that covers the whole neckline.
neckline9.gif Jewel-
This neckline is round and frames the natural base of the neck.
neckline10.gif Strapless-
Shoulder-less, this style is flattering to those with naturally gorgeous shoulders. It is heart shaped around the bust area.

If you have a stunning feature on the upper body area it is a good idea to show it off. Finding the right cut and dress style will ensure you look your best the day of your wedding.

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