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Accentuating Eyes With Makeup
Eyes are a beautiful part of the human face and can be highlighted and enhanced with properly applied makeup. When trying to emphasize the eye area choose colors that work with your natural tones.
Tips on Applying Lip Color
Thousands of lip colors exist, they come in a wide range of color and shades. Choosing the right color for you will depend on your eye, hair and the other make up colors you will be using on your face. Lipstick is used to enhance the size and/or shape of your lips.

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Handy Tips on Removing Facial Makeup

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Handy Tips on Removing Facial Makeup

Applying makeup is just one step in the process that most women go through daily, the other is getting it off. For some, this may be a daily routine while for others it may only be on occasions such as a special evening or event. The bride or her bridal party would represent such a situation.

After seeing the beautician and getting that great facial worthy of compliments and beautiful photographs, the day’s celebration will come to an end and the last compliment to be received will be from your reflection in the mirror. This is where you will decide to bath it away, use a soft wet cloth or simply call it a night due to exhaustion. For those forced to deal with this type of frustration, there are tricks to applying make up and tricks to getting it off too. If you are one of those people that don’t often wear makeup, the frustration is even greater. Learning the tricks to removing make up easily is an art most women will want to know and for the bride on her honeymoon a process that could not be taught early enough.

Removing eye make up
As seen on most aging faces, the eyes are primary target for lines, bags and dark shades, this is due to the various muscles that are in constant use in this area, for this reason caring for them properly will keep them looking their best for years to come. Wearing eye makeup will not cause your eye to age any sooner; however, the way you remove your make up at the end of each night will help to play a big part on their appearance later on.

Specially formulated cleansers should be used to remove make up and to revitalize the skin around the eyes. Wearing make up around the eye area can cause pores to get blocked and so removing make up properly is the key factor in keeping your eyes looking their best. Cleansers make makeup removal easier especially on mascaras that are often tear and/or waterproof. Pulling or dragging facial skin is never a good idea. Make your job easier by using gentle cleansers; this will do wonders on the look and feel of your skin later on.

  1. -Step one
    A delicate area such as the eyelids should be dabbed with cleansers or a makeup removal cream. The tip of your finger or the end of a cotton swab will do the job. With a gentle touch work the cleanser into the lid by using small circular motions with care to prevent direct contact with the eye ball. 
  2. -Step two
    Remove the make up remover or cleanser with a cotton pad, begin at the inner corner of the eye and gently stroke toward the outer area. Continue this pattern on both eyes until the make up is removed completely. Be gentle and avoid using harsh rubbing motions, only gentle circular motions should be used.
  3. -Step three
    Many women really have no idea as to how to properly remove mascara from their eye lashes. It is one of the hardest areas to clean, but remember, avoid pulling or tugging, it is important to be gentle with your eye area. Although most mascara’s come in waterproof and tear proof they are not makeup remover proof. Starting with a tissue dabbed in some make up remover, wrap it around your finger and use it to wipe your eyelashes from underneath. This will easily wipe the mascara from your eyelashes within a few strokes (easy).
  4. -Step four
    Don’t forget the corner of your eyes and the bottom lash area. Often this area goes untreated or carelessly wiped away. This area is easiest to clean with a cotton swab soaked in make up remover or cleanser, use the tip of it to carefully remove make up from underneath the lash area and from the corner of the eye.

Once you have completed the whole process to removing your eye make up, lightly pat the area with a dry tissue or soft towel.

Removing lipstick
Luscious lips always seem to be admired and noticed, they enhance our outer beauty. Lips, if cared for properly should look soft and healthy. Lips should not look or feel chapped and dry. Lip moisturizers and balms are available to help keep lips looking their best. It is known that vitamin E is an essential part of healing dry chapped skin, vitamin E is commonly found in many lip care products.

The use of lipstick is common for most women, but for most, lipstick is thought to come off on its own. Although the appearance of some lipsticks will quickly fade away, removing all traces of it is essential in keeping your lips looking healthy and soft. Overuse of lipstick can cause your lips to dry out and crack, giving them a chapped look and feel.

Lips do not have oil-producing glands and so are more susceptible to drying out from the sun and wind. Lips should be cared for as you would care for the rest of your skin, moisturizing is an essential and should be included in your everyday routine.

  1. -Step one
    With a little make up remover or moisturizer on a piece of tissue or cotton pad, wipe your lips in an in-ward direction. Start in the middle of your lip area and work this motion to the corners. Wipe from the outside to the inner area. Top lip, for example; place the tissue on the top and stroke it in a down-ward motion and repeat on the whole lip. Then once your lips are completely cleaned, lightly pat them dry with a clean tissue.
  2. -Step two
    Without using anything too oily, apply a lip balm or moisturizer to your lips.

Exfoliating your lips
You may consider exfoliating your lips once a week to help keep them looking good. Using a small fine brush or tooth brush gently brush off dead or damaged skin. Doing this will stimulate cell turnover and help to keep your lips looking revitalized. Moisturizer can be added to the brush when exfoliating.

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