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Simple Steps to Maintaining Beautiful Hands & Nails

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Simple Steps to Maintaining Beautiful Hands & Nails

Our hands and feet take a lot of abuse from continuous use throughout every day. The effect from daily encounters from the sun, wind and water causes our skin to dry out and become chapped or dehydrated.

Treatment if applied daily will help to reduce the unwanted roughness that our hands and feet grow prone to from everyday use.

If your hands are untreated and poorly cared for, signs of aging can occur before other parts of your body, this includes your face. The condition of the skin on your hands and feet will all depend on the way you treat them. Daily care will prove beneficial later. Start treatments now so that you may enjoy the lasting softness that is used to describe a feel that is gentle.


Daily care for your hands
Daily treatment is very simple and won’t interrupt the time you need to spend on other things. A good moisturizer should be applied to clean hands several times a day.

For basic treatment, start by washing your hands well to remove any dirt or oils, then, towel dry your hands and apply a good moisturizer to your palm. Work the moisturizer into the hands by using a soothing massage motions. Using a towel, gently push the skin away from the nail this is called the cuticle. Message helps to stimulate circulation and releases tension or stiffness.

Weekly treatments should include a full manicure
A full manicure should only occupy an approximate 30 minutes from your day once per week. Daily moisturizing will help keep your hands in good condition but weekly manicures will strip away any unwanted dead skin or cells which would later be evident on your hands by showing through as rough and cracked skin.

A manicure does not have to include the application of nail polish; more importantly is the soaking and soothing treatments that are necessary to the preserving and re-freshening look and feel of your skin.

  1. -Step one
    Remove all traces of previously existing nail polishes. Nails should be filed into the shape you prefer. Filing should always be done in even smooth strokes from one side of the nail to the other, avoid a back and forth motion.
  2. -Step two
    You will need a bowl of warm soapy water. You may wish to add a few drops of lemon juice or olive oil to help clean and soften your skin. Soak each hand individually one at a time for a few minutes each. Once both hands have been soaked, dry them with a clean towel. Remove dirt from underneath the nails using an orange stick.
  3. -Step three
    Using an orange stick with the tip covered with cotton, gently push the cuticles back.

If your nails are weak and often break, split or crack, brush the nail with a nail hardener, allow the hardener to dry before moisturizing or applying nail polish. Once the hardener has dried, moisturize your hands, gently message the palm, fingers and nail area of the hand until the moisturizer has been completely absorbed. At this time the nail polish may be applied if desired.

As stated before a daily routine of moisturizing your hands will keep them looking their best on a daily basis. To achieve or maintain beautiful looking hands, be sure to treat them to a weekly manicure if it’s affordable by you, if not, trying some of the simple steps outlines above, will assure your hands will continually look and feel the part for a better look and a softer.

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