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Accentuating Eyes With Makeup
Eyes are a beautiful part of the human face and can be highlighted and enhanced with properly applied makeup. When trying to emphasize the eye area choose colors that work with your natural tones.
Tips on Applying Lip Color
Thousands of lip colors exist, they come in a wide range of color and shades. Choosing the right color for you will depend on your eye, hair and the other make up colors you will be using on your face. Lipstick is used to enhance the size and/or shape of your lips.

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Simple Steps to Skin Care & Treatments

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Simple Steps to Skin Care & Treatments

Outer beauty starts with our skin, understanding the type of skin we have will play an important part in looking our best this is especially the case for a bride to be.

Understanding your skin will require you to first determine the type of skin you have. this can range from, normal, oily, dry or even a combination of both. In order to keep your skin looking its best, daily care will be a necessity even on the honeymoon or between tans.

Cleansing, toning and moisturizing are all part of a three-stage daily program that will help to keep your skin clean, healthy and looking its best. Getting into a regular routine with caring for your skin appropriately will provide you with skin that will be admired by you, onlookers and most importantly your hunk husband that relishes in your smile.

Cleansers are known to be an essential factor in preventing wrinkles. Cleansers help the skin react to moisturizers and anti-aging creams. Be sure never to neglect your neck, as the neck is often the first place to show aging. Treatment should always be continued down onto the neck when caring for the face.
-Choosing the right cleanser
Understand your skin type before you go out to purchase a cleanser. As noted before, face products come suitable for all skin types should you have oily skin and do not want to purchase a product that will only put the oils back into your skin. Understanding your skin will help you to make appropriate decisions when selecting products used to enhance the quality and texture of your skin type.

bb65.jpg Stage One– Cleansing
Cleansing is step one in your three-stage daily treatment and should be done in the morning and again in the evening. Cleansing, deep cleans, getting the grime and dirt away from your skin and out of your pores.


Cleanser for sensitive skin-

  • Avoid harsh soaps
  • Use only hypoallergenic cleansers.

Normal skin-

  • Cream or creamy liquid cleansers.
  • Water soluble-cleansers or gentle facial soap.

Dry skin-

  • Cream or very rich liquid cleansers.
  • Non-perfumed moisturizing soap (rinse thoroughly).


  • Milk cleansers or light lotions.
  • Medicated liquid.

-How to use cleansers
Before you begin, consider getting prepared by tying your hair back and remove clothing from around your neck area, cleansing can be messy depending on the one you’ve chosen to use.

Place a dab of cleanser on both cheeks and neck, work the moisturizer in by using your finger tips in circular motions. This will work out any dirt and other impurities from your pores. Be sure that you only use gentle circular motions instead of harsh abrasive action that could cause irritation and/or redness. Dirt builds up more in areas such as; the forehead, down the nose, chin and around the hairline, paying special attention to these areas will ensure you get the proper cleansing wished for. These areas are also better known as the “T-zones”.

When using water-soluble cleansers, rinse your face and neck with warm water. Using lukewarm water helps to remove the shine form oily skin but may irritate dry or sensitive skin types. The use of hot water can cause broken veins so avoid high temperatures if possible.

When using oil-soluble cleansers, tissue off dirt and grime gentle and avoid pulling the skin. If the tissue becomes overloaded with dirt be sure to change to a clean one as you will be working the grime back into the open pores on your face and neck.

Last but not least be sure that you have removed all of the cleanser that you applied as it will continue to work and dry out your skin. Don’t rub your face dry, pat your face and neck dry using a clean towel.

-Allergy test before use
Products should be tested on your skin 24 hours prior to use on the face and neck. Dab a small amount of the product on the neck behind your ear, this way if a reaction should occur it would not be visible to others. Signs of allergic reactions may include itchiness, redness or a rash.

Stage Two– Toning
Toning is the second part to the three-stage daily treatment. Toners or fresheners are used to remove any traces left behind from the previous step of cleansing. They are used to also tighten up and refine the pores, preventing a build up of dead cells. After this procedure your skin should feel revitalized and ready to be moisturized. Skin is known to look dull after this, if this is the case stimulate the blood supply back to the surface of the skin by dry patting the toner with a brisk slapping motion.

Choosing the right toner

Sensitive skin-

  • Non-alcohol toners.
  • The use of hypoallergenic toners.

Normal skin-

  • Toners with or without alcohol.
  • Rosewater or still mineral water spray.

Dry skin-

  • Rosewater or water.
  • Mild alcohol-free toners


  • Alcohol-based toners

It is possible to dry the skin more by using simple alcohols such as; ethanol, methanol and isopropyl. (Avoid these if possible)

-How to use toners
Apply the appropriate type of toner suitable for your skin type by adding a little onto a cotton ball, and then work it into your skin, face and neck, again in a circular gentle motion. Concentrate on the T-zone and avoid sensitive areas such as eyes and lips.

With a clean tissue, gently dab your face and neck dry. If your skin seems to be stripping away, tone with water until your skin becomes re-balanced, discontinue the use of this product and try a different one. This will happen sometimes depending on the ingredients of the product and the sensitivity of your skin. Often products with high alcohol content will irritate sensitive skin. As with any product used whether internally or externally, it is important to read the label and get a clear understanding of the negative effects that may result from use. You don’t want to have a sun burn appearance before the “sun-burn”.

Stage Three– Moisturizing
Moisturizing is the final step in the three-stage daily treatment. Moisturizers help to restore the moisture lost by the effect sunlight has on drying our skin. Aside from sunlight, pollution, cold, wind, and central heating cause our skin to become dry and unhealthy. Find a good daytime moisturizer that contains sunscreen to protect your face throughout the day. Some moisturizers can cause your skin to feel oily, if this is the case, It is better to use that one at nighttime only. Applying make up to an oil-based moisturizer can become difficult.


Choosing the right moisturizer

  • Sensitive skin-

Hypoallergenic creams which contain sunscreen.

  • Normal skin-

Light creams or lotions, which contain sunscreen.

  • Dry skin-

Protective cream formulas, which contain sunscreen.

  • Combination-

Non-oily, light lotions, which contain sunscreen.
Consider using a noncomedogenic (will not block your pores)

Nighttime treatment

  • Richer formulas can be used at night for all skin types, they may prove to be more nourishing.

-How to use a moisturizer
Evenly place five dots of moisturizer over your face and neck, blend the moisturizer into the skin with gentle circular motions. Skin can only absorb a certain amount of moisturizer at a time, be sure to blend it evenly and avoid the eyes.

As moisturizers take time to absorb into the skin allow your face five to ten minutes before applying make up.

These are your simple yet effective methods to caring for your skin before, during and after your special event. Keeping a youthful glowing skin will require your full support and being the beauty queen that you are, this is a duty you will no doubt accept whole heartedly.

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