Saturday, February 24, 2018
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Healthy Snacking on The Go
In between time of planning and preparing for your wedding seems to be the only time available for getting a quick snack. At times like this it is so easy to be drawn to those handy treats that you may end up beating yourself up over later on.
A Healthier You for the Event & Life
Whether you are getting married and want to watch your weight or just want to make a lifestyle change, eating correctly can certainly help in both areas. Many people have no idea on how to start eating healthy. There are various types of guides that will assist you in eating a proper balance diet; among them is the food guide pyramid which is also available to the public.

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Understanding Hunger Urges to Maintain Physique

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Understanding Hunger Urges to Maintain Physique

Your upcoming wedding has given you reason enough to want to maintain the body you have or to tighten up on what you’ve got. As a bride to be you will have enough things to worry about than to stick to a specific diet in order to be satisfied with your appearance come wedding day.

If you are confidently in control however and actively on top of your body’s shape and physique, then you have nothing to worry about and this article is not meant for you. Keeping the body you already have is easy enough but, with the stress and anxiety you may be facing, it is quite possible that your appetite may take a turn for the worse. If you find that your eating habits have changed since your big news, this could affect your appreciation for the way you look come wedding day.

Understanding the hunger urges
Hunger and food cravings are the two biggest problems that most people have when trying to loose or maintain there body weight. Identifying a true hunger feeling is sometimes hard to do. Satisfying some of these hunger cravings can cause you to gain unwanted weight. Most women will preferably want to avoid gaining weight however, food is pleasurable and it is sometimes hard to avoid.

The stress of planning a wedding can do one of two things to you, it can either cause you to loose your appetite or gain one. Either way, they are both not good for the body. Eating properly is the key to staying focused and energized, these are both essential during the planning months approaching your wedding event. If you suffer from frequent food needs it is possible you have a craving rather than a true hunger feeling. If this is the case you may find yourself eating more to sooth the stress and in turn gain unwanted weight.

Understanding your body and its signals will prove beneficial when weight gain is a concern of yours. First you need to identify the difference between a food craving and an actual feeling of hunger. The two are actually very different. A food craving is a physical and emotional need for food. While real hunger is a biological function that triggers this feeling when the body needs its nutritional supply. One of the first steps to weight loss and keeping yourself healthy and trim is to get to know your body and what you it is telling you. Satisfying every hungry feeling can lead to overeating.

Identifying your need for food starts by eating properly. Do not skip meals; this is one problem many people face, this can be bad for the energy you will need in order to do everything you’ve got planned for the wedding. When hunger strikes we often reach for anything nearby. This is a very unhealthy way to eat and often an impossible way to maintain your daily food requirements.

True hunger is often felt around regular meal times, the obvious sign of hunger is an uncomfortable empty feeling in the stomach, other symptoms can include; headache, fatigue, dizziness and lack of concentration. Cravings on the other hand, can be felt at any time throughout the day, sometimes even right after a meal. As you can see, it shouldn’t be too hard to identify between the two types of food needs. Understanding your body’s signals will better help you control them.

Instead of reaching for the tastiest snack available, eat a fruit or drink a glass of water this will help to ease the urge and give your tummy a fuller feeling without the added calorie intake. Taking an exercise break may also prove rewarding at the end of it all. Go for a mild walk, bike ride or do some basic at home exercises. You will be more satisfied with this decision in the end and, maintaining your weight will not be among your “things to do before the wedding” list

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