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Save on Groomsmen Attire
  Men don't usually have too many issues when it comes to formal wear. Basically, a suit, shirt, tie or bow tie is sufficient. Just as the bridal party will stand the cost of their attire, so do the groomsmen. The couple is usually under no financial obligations in this area.
Style Guide For the Groom's Party
Common knowledge when it comes to women and dressing is that they take TIME in getting ready. Though this is often true, the outcome is usually one that will leave most men amazed. Guys don’t usually take as long in getting ready but will still be very particular with their choice and style of outfit.
Description of a Groomsman Suit
Your wedding day is approaching and whether you like it or not, finding appropriate attire for you and your groomsmen will be step you must take. Having a general idea on suit styles and types will provide you with a better knowledge on what to out for.

Description of a Groomsman Suit

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Your wedding day is approaching and whether you like it or not, finding appropriate attire for you and your groomsmen will be step you must take. Having a general idea on suit styles and types will provide you with a better knowledge on what to out for.

Knowing more will definitely give you an upper hand when it comes to making the final decision. Tuxedos and other formal wear suits will come in so many different styles, patterns and fits that deciding on the one that will be complimenting to your event will be like picking a needle from a haystack. Your decision will more than likely be to just pick one that has the color and accessories that will match the bridal party attire. The formality of your wedding will be an important part to assist the decision you will make on the right look. Weddings can range from small and informal to large and very formal, for this reason it is important to learn more about suits and what styles will be best suited for the event itself. Any men’s formal shop will be able to assist you in this area by you simply informing them of your plans. They will assist you in finding a suit that will be of a perfect fit for your body type and ensure that you are not under or over dressed for the event.

Your wedding day attire should include your suit, shirt, cuff links, cummerbund, vest, tie or bow tie, and shoes. All these will come in various styles. We have set aside an area below to teach you a little bit more about the styles and accessories that you may need to decide on when selecting your attire.

Starting with jackets:
Commonly, the term used as a dinner jacket represented a white or ivory suit jacket. This is not the case however, the dinner jacket is usually a sport jacket with either a notched or shawl collar. The dinner jacket is worn most commonly for informal wedding or affairs.
This jacket falls just below the waist, rather than below the hips. It is a tuxedo style jacket that often resembles a tailcoat because of its hemline which goes to a point in the front. The difference is however, that unlike the tailcoat the Spencer jacket has no tail.
This suit closely resembles a business suit. It is only appropriate for a daytime wedding ceremony or reception. The director’s suit jacket is commonly seen in grey and worn with a turned-down-collar shirt, four-in-one hand tie and a grey vest. 
This suit is named as the morning suit because it is only appropriate when worn during the early to mid-day ceremony and receptions. The coat’s length sits between six to ten inches above the knee. It has a single button closure and is cut at a defined v shaped angle in the front to expose the trousers. This suit is often worn with a winged-collard shirt, light toned vest, double-knot tie (ascot), with matching pants
The full dress is the best suit for very formal affairs. It is to be worn at evening events. This suit is commonly seen in black, grey, white or dark blue. It should be worn with a white winged-collar tuxedo shirt, double-knot tie (ascot) or a bow tie, and a vest.
The tailcoat is worn for full dress or white tie events. This very formal jacket meets just below the waist in the front. The back of the jacket has tails that reaches almost knee length. Non-functional buttons line both sides of the opening. This jacket is never left closed. The front hemline of the jacket is cut on both sides into a v shape.
The tuxedo is a suit that comes in many styles and colors. This jacket comes in double or single-breasted, it is tailored in wool, mohair or silk and sometimes a blend. Grey, black, and ivory are the most commonly seen colors for tuxedos. They are available in striped, patterned or solid. The tuxedo jacket is perfect for formal weddings and events.
The white tie is a style worn only to very formal evening weddings. White tie consists of a black tailcoat and black tuxedo pants. A white bow tie and a winged-collar tuxedo shirt are usually worn along with a white vest.

Dress shirts:
This shirt is commonly worn with a tuxedo; it has a stand up collar that folds at the ends to create a wing appearance. This shirt should be worn with a bow tie and sometimes a double-knot tie (ascot).
This is a fairly new style of a formal shirt. It has a short band collar that is only about one inch high. This shirt is to be worn without a tie. The button holding the shirt collar can be decorative, a button cover may also be used. This shirt can be worn to both formal and informal events and weddings.
This shirt, like the mandarin style does not require a tie. Its collar is made with a band of fabric and is slightly higher than the mandarin style. A crossover or band tie can be worn if desired. This shirt can be worn to informal and formal events.
This shirt can be worn with a tuxedo, it is however less formal than a winged shirt. The collar resembles that of a business shirt and can be accessorized with a bow tie.

This tie is better known as a double-knot tie. Its ends are wide and folded over on the chest. The ends are usually fastened with a stickpin. The ascot is usually worn with a winged-collar tuxedo shirt.
This tie is with a simple band that is usually seen in black. It is worn with a stand-up-collar shirt. 
The bow tie is usually pre-tied and worn by a matching fabric that circles the neck. It is usually worn with a vest and cummerbund, all in which are available in many color and pattern variations. The color or pattern of these accessories is usually matched with the bridal party’s attire. 
This tie is similar to the bow tie. It also has a band that circles the neck, the bow itself is pointed and the ends lie flat against the throat. This tie is usually worn with a stand-up-collar shirt.
This tie closely resembles a business tie. The quality however, is made with a more formal fabric. It is usually worn with a director’s suit.

The cummerbund is a sash that is worn around the waist. The pleats on a cummerbund should always be facing upward. The cummerbund is worn and matched with a vest and bow tie. All of these are available in a variety of prints and colors. They are usually selected with the color of the bridal party’s attire in mind.

The vest is also known as a waistcoat. The vest can be worn to accessorize with any tuxedo assemble. Vests can be matched in color and patterns to go alone with a cummerbund and bow tie. Some vests have open backs and others are full. Some suits require specially designed vests such as the director’s or morning style suit. The full-dress and white tie assemble require a specially designed vests as well.

Studs look like cuff links are used to replace buttons on formal tuxedo shirts.

Button covers:
The button cover is a round ornament that looks like a cuff link. The button cover is usually worn over the button on a mandarin collar or a stand-up-collar shirt

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