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Wedding Celebration Gift Giving Ideas

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It is a common practice to provide a gift of best wishes to a couple that is getting married. If you have been invited to a wedding chances are you may also be invited to one or more of the pre-wedding celebrations held for the couple. The pre-wedding celebrations may include the engagement party, bridal shower, bachelor and bachelorette party the rehearsal dinner and last but not least the wedding itself. All of which are gatherings that gifts are often given.

Many guests will have no idea as to what types of gift would be considered suitable at a wedding. Selecting the perfect gift for the occasion will all depend on what type of event it is. Most bridal showers for instance will only require a small household gift while the wedding itself obviously deserves a bigger nicer gift. 

If you are clueless in the gift giving area, continue reading to gather some more helpful information.

Engagement gifts-
Usually an engagement party is thrown for the couple soon after they announce their plans. This is an event that only family and very close friends are invited to. Gift options vary and can be kept small.
Gift suggestions-

  • Wedding-planning book
  • Picture frames
  • Albums
  • Ice bucket & champagne
  • Gifts from a registry
  • Gift certificates (massage, spa, dinning, yoga, or comedy club).
  • Money is common; it is easier for you and still an appreciated gift for any occasion.

Note on giving money: Though giving money may sometimes be the easier way out of the hassle, at times sentimental gift will be more cherished as the couple will know that thought and time went into selecting it. Giving money may also leave you in a rather uneasy position as your envelope may not be as fat as you would like for its presentation to be an impressive one. Finding the right gift at the right price is always better, and besides, no one will know what you paid but you.

Bridal shower-
The bridal shower is usually a women’s only event that is often held by the bridal party or the bride’s mother. This is a day that family and close friends of the bride get together and flourish her with gifts. Commonly given gifts are those that will help her get ready for her new life. Household items and gift certificates are the most popular. Many brides get prepared for this event by constructing a gift registry at a home store, so that guests like you can select items that she wants or will need. If the bride has a registry it will likely be mentioned on the invitation you will receive:
Gift suggestions-

  • Gift suggestions-
  • Cookware
  • Kitchenware
  • House ware
  • Bedroom, bathroom, laundry
  • Gift certificates- same as above
  • Lingerie
  • Wedding needs- guest book, feather pen, photo frame, wedding album.
  • Registry items

Last night out with the ladies-
This event is similar to the bachelor party held foe the guys. The women’s night out however, is usually a little bit more relaxed and not as big of a deal. It is usually only the bridal party that attends the girl’s night out. Wedding guests do not usually get invited to this event, but if you have been invited here are some gift ideas you could consider.

Gift suggestions-
Personal care items, such as body wash, soaps and bath beads. Something old, new, borrowed or blue is a traditional necessity for most brides.

  • Gift certificate (personal) pampering 

Bachelor party (for the guys)
This event is commonly held for the groom, family and close friends are those who are usually invited. This turn out is often larger than the bachelorette party. If you are a guest that is invited to the bachelor party, here are some gift ideas you may want to consider.

Gift suggestions-

  • Money
  • Gift certificates (personal) for his enjoyment or care
  • Bottle of liquor
  • Funds are often raised at the bachelor party and given to the groom-to-be as a gift from the guys (be prepared and go to the party with some money in your pocket).
  • Time capsule- a box put together by the guys containing items of the grooms past; there to remind the groom of his ‘single life’, providing these memories wont offend the bride-to-be. 

Wedding gifts-
A wedding gift should be considered carefully. You as a guest will be treated to a wonderful evening of catered entertainment. To come up with an appropriate gift for the occasion, first think about how much it would cost you to enjoy this type of evening out. 
Most invitations will specify whether there is a gift registry put together, or if the couple would prefer money as a wedding gift.
Gift suggestions-

  • Money
  • Gift certificate
  • Registry items

Here are some other areas of consideration when it comes to gift giving-

  1. It is not necessary to send a gift if you receive a wedding announcement, however if you do know the person or couple that is getting married, one can be sent. 
  2. If you have been invited to a wedding that you are unable to attend, it is not absolutely necessary but it is a nice gesture to send a gift to the couple before the wedding day.
  3. If you have no idea what the bride wants as a wedding gift, it is perfectly ok to contact her and ask. However, if you do this you must be prepared for an honest answer. In some cases, many people ask the question then feel obligated to buying what was requested. This could cause a problem if the cost of the gift is more than you planned on spending.
  4. Be sure to ask for a gift enclosure when purchasing the wedding gift. Most department stores can provide you with a gift receipt that does not visibly show the price of the item purchased. It is wise to attach the gift receipt to the gift or card just in case the bride wishes to exchange it.
  5. If you plan to buy something off of a gift registry, be sure to make your purchase early to ensure that you have a good selection of the items available for purchase. Often gift registry items are bought very quickly once the wedding invitations are sent out.
  6. Avoid bringing a wedding gift to the wedding itself. It is wise to send the gift prior to the wedding to the return address on the invitation. This will make things easier on the couple the day of the wedding.
  7. If you are part of a religious background that prefers to give money as a wedding gift, cash or cheques should be secured in an envelope and handed to the couple in the receiving line at the reception or more commonly placed in a special basket located near the receiving line.
  8. If you would like to give the couple a gift that is engraved, it is not wise to have it engrave but rather include that option for the couple. The couple may want to exchange the item, if the item is personalized or engraved it will not be returnable. You can request that the store enclose a note that states your wishes of having the gift item returned for a personalized engraving at your request and cost.
  9. If you have sent a wedding gift to the couple but after months never received a thank you note, it is ok to contact the couple by letter. Many people would think of this is being rude but in some cases the couple may not have even received the gift you sent. 
  10. Once the couple returns from their honeymoon it is possible they will invite you over for a visit if you are close to them. One word of advice; if this is the case and you do go over for a visit, do not ask where the gift you sent is. This can cause mild discomfort and uneasy tension.

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