Monday, January 22, 2018
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Guest Etiquettes for the Ceremony
As an invited wedding guest you may find yourself at times uneasy or unsure about various things. This is common when in unfamiliar territories. Best practice is to be you and try to stay relaxed. You were invited to this special event because you are considered special to the bride, groom and/or someone in the wedding party.
Guest Etiquettes for the Reception
Once the wedding ceremony has completed, guests will commonly meet at the reception to celebrate with the newly wed couple. Wedding receptions often consists of music, dinner and dancing. Although the reception is a place to let loose and celebrate the couple's marriage, it is also a time where grace and manners need to be demonstrated.

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You are invited and excited to attend. Get some standard information on common guest etiquettes and practices now.

  Guests Table Etiquette
Whether you are invited to a rehearsal dinner or reception gathering, demonstrating proper table manner remains an important etiquette
  Receiving Line Etiquette
This is your moment to give that token of a gift with the receiving line as your platform to share personalized best wishes.

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