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Guest Etiquettes for the Ceremony
As an invited wedding guest you may find yourself at times uneasy or unsure about various things. This is common when in unfamiliar territories. Best practice is to be you and try to stay relaxed. You were invited to this special event because you are considered special to the bride, groom and/or someone in the wedding party.
Guest Etiquettes for the Reception
Once the wedding ceremony has completed, guests will commonly meet at the reception to celebrate with the newly wed couple. Wedding receptions often consists of music, dinner and dancing. Although the reception is a place to let loose and celebrate the couple's marriage, it is also a time where grace and manners need to be demonstrated.

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Guests Table Manner Etiquette

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Whether you are being invited to a rehearsal dinner or a wedding reception, demonstrating proper table manners over dinner is very important. The wedding event is a very special moment for the couple. It is a moment in time they will want to treasure and reflect on.

 For this reason, the couple will want to hire a professional Videographer and Photographer to capture the moments that will be looked back on fondly. The last thing you want is to have your image captured without pleasurable memories. This could easily be done if you are a guest not aware of common practices and behavior that will be considered admirable.

Eating with others should be done with grace. Avoiding bad habits and clumsiness is only a part of having good table manners. It is a common scenario that those sharing a table with you occasionally glance at others sitting near. For this reason it is a good idea to be on your best behavior, be aware of some common table manners and practice them while eating with others. 

Body language for one is an important part to conducting proper table manners while eating with others. We have providing you with a few areas on how appropriate body language should be conducted at the table and over a meal.

  • Sit in an upright position, slouching at the table is not appropriate.
  • When you are eating, be sure to keep your elbows off the table, the correct way to rest your arms at a table is by simply allowing your forearm to rest on the table on both sides of your plate
  • Before, between and after a meal it is ok to rest one or both of your elbows on the table while indulging in an interesting conversation, this is a comfortable and relaxing way to talk as long as you are not doing it over a meal
  • If you find your self bored, hungry or impatient, do not tap your fingers on the table, it is not only rude but can also be very annoying
  • Always keep in mind that your arms should remain close to you, avoid reaching over food, glasses and your neighbors plate

General table manners would include the following:

  • Always be polite, please and thank you should always be practiced at a dinner table
  • Do not reach for food, ask someone closer to pass the dish to you
  • If you are joining a family for dinner it is not polite to take first dibs on the entrée, it is common that the head person of the table will be served, or serve themselves first. If however you are being served by someone else and you just so happen to be first this is ok, accept and say thank you
  • Be modest with the food you take, never take large portions, it is best to share your food out in small portions and go back for seconds if a sufficient amount of food is left available
  • When cutting your meat try to cut only one piece at a time, this will make you look less eager to eat
  • If you are a person that often eats fast, it is also a possibility that you are a noisy eater. Try to eat smaller amounts of food at a time to ensure you don’t bother anyone that is sitting near
  • If you have been served an item that does not appeal to you, it is best to accept it and avoid making a deal out of it. You don’t have to eat it, just leave it on your plate and cover a piece of it with left over scraps. It will often go unnoticed anyway
  • Do not lick your fingers or wipe your mouth off with your hand. Always use a piece napkin to tidy up after a meal
  • It is not polite of ask for seconds, however if it is offered you may accept
  • If you, like many get a piece of food stuck between your teeth do not remove it at the table. Take a tooth pick and excuse yourself from the table, you may go for a walk to do this discretely

The etiquette of using a table napkin:
There should always be a table napkin present with your place setting. The napkin should be used to protect your clothing and also to wipe your mouth and fingers after the meal. The napkin should be unfolded all the way and placed across your legs it should remain there for the duration of the dinner. If you have to excuse yourself from the table during dinnertime, simply place the napkin beside your place setting until you return.

Using your napkin as a bib should not be practiced unless of coarse you are eating food that is very messy. If you feel as thought your clothes will get soiled from spatters from spaghetti sauce or dripping soup, you may find that leaning into your food a bit closer to eat over your plate be one way to prevent accidents. If covering your chest with a napkin makes you feel better, you may consider holding the napkin in place with one hand and eating with the next. Covering up this way will make you look less like a child wearing a bib.

Blotting lipstick with a cloth napkin is not something that should be practiced. Lipstick is very hard to get out of fabrics and it looks unattractive. If you feel the need to wipe your lips during dinner, a better solution might be to have handy a tissue or alternative item in your possession for this purpose. If you are a guest at a wedding or formal pre-wedding dinner affair it is a good idea to follow some of these etiquettes to help you with being a better guest.

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