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Guest Etiquettes for the Ceremony
As an invited wedding guest you may find yourself at times uneasy or unsure about various things. This is common when in unfamiliar territories. Best practice is to be you and try to stay relaxed. You were invited to this special event because you are considered special to the bride, groom and/or someone in the wedding party.
Guest Etiquettes for the Reception
Once the wedding ceremony has completed, guests will commonly meet at the reception to celebrate with the newly wed couple. Wedding receptions often consists of music, dinner and dancing. Although the reception is a place to let loose and celebrate the couple's marriage, it is also a time where grace and manners need to be demonstrated.

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Female Guests Ideas on Dressing For The Occassion

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So you have been invited to a wedding and/or the pre-celebrations that are being held. As exciting as it is, your dilemma begins with determining the appropriate outfits to be worn. You could just put together anything you like that you believe look good on you however, this is a wedding and depending on the formality of the event, you could get stuck with going too all out with a formal outfit or, dressing down too much for the occasion.

The pre-celebration parties may in some cases provide you with more flexibility in dressing however, the wedding itself will be where the challenging demands of looking your best will be expected. You may be one of those few people that know exactly what is in your closet with the selection and styles to choose from to suit any occasion, in fact the only concern you need to have is to ensure that your chosen outfit will not attract attention away from the main attraction sitting centre stage, this spot is reserved for the married couple. Outside of this concern, this article may have no use to you.

Not knowing how to dress is a common problem many people face when having to select the outfit that will be best suited for the type of event they will be attending. It is not hard to figure out what is best suited for the different formality of events, however, if you have no idea on how to get started in selecting the right outfit for the occasion, this article may provide you with some helpful ideas.

As an invited wedding guest, you may be invited to several pre-wedding parties held for the couple-to-be. Not only will you need to dress for the wedding day itself but also for the upcoming celebrations that are held before the big day. Dressing for a wedding shower shouldn’t be too difficult for a woman, although dressing for the rehearsal dinner may take a little bit more consideration depending on where the dinner reservations will be held. For a guy the situation is a bit different, as most men don’t usually worry about their appearance outside of the obvious necessities needed for an handsome presentation. If you are invited to a pre-wedding celebration and have no idea as to what type of event it will be so as to make a decision with your outfit, it is ok to contact the person hosting the event to enquire what type of wardrobe will be most appropriate. Dressing the part will all have to do with the formality of the event, keeping in mind that the more formal the event the more you will need to dress up.

Here are some ideas that may help you to decide on the type of attire that may suit you and the occasion just right.

To a private club (engagement or rehearsal dinner)

  • Dressy suit, pants and jacket
  • Dress pants and blouse
  • Skirt, nylons and blouse or top
  • Summer dress
  • Long dress
  • Dress Capri
    -Shoes- closed, open toe or sandals are suitable
    -Jewelry- everyday jewelry is suitable (earrings, necklace, bracelet)

To a cocktail party (same as above)

  • Dressy suit, pants and jacket
  • Skirt, nylons and blouse or top
  • Summer dress
  • Long dress
  • Short fitted dress
  • Long skirt with slit

To a black tie affair (formal wedding)

  • Any length evening gown
  • Fabrics can range from sequence to chiffon
  • Scarf or shall can be worn
    -Shoes- high heels, closed or open sandal toe
    -Jewelry- lots of jewelry can be worn but do not overdo it with variety. 

To a white tie affair (very formal wedding)

  • Ballroom style gown
  • Evening gown
  • Fabrics can range from sequence to chiffon
  • Scarf or shall can be worn
  • Fur wrap
  • Long gloves
    -Shoes- elegant high-heeled shoes
    -Jewelry- lots of jewelry can be worn but do not overdo it with variety

Hopefully this area will have you a little bit more of an insight with general ideas on what may be worn to the particular type of celebration to which you have been invited to.

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