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Guest Etiquettes for the Ceremony
As an invited wedding guest you may find yourself at times uneasy or unsure about various things. This is common when in unfamiliar territories. Best practice is to be you and try to stay relaxed. You were invited to this special event because you are considered special to the bride, groom and/or someone in the wedding party.
Guest Etiquettes for the Reception
Once the wedding ceremony has completed, guests will commonly meet at the reception to celebrate with the newly wed couple. Wedding receptions often consists of music, dinner and dancing. Although the reception is a place to let loose and celebrate the couple's marriage, it is also a time where grace and manners need to be demonstrated.

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Male Guests Ideas on Dressing For The Occassion

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Male guests, you are an invited guest to a wedding celebration as well as the pre-party events. Getting dressed for the occasion may not be a concern of yours as, you may already be prepared with only the best of styles. This may or may not be the case but, if you are like most men, you will want your image to portray that of a handsome well dressed and groomed man. This type of attention will also come from your attitude, after all this is where your style and confidence will develop roots. 

Unlike women, men don't usually have too many things to worry about when it comes to dressing appropriately for an event. However, mixing and matching of suit jackets and pants can become a fashion disaster if you have very little fashion sense. When selecting the appropriate clothes to wear out it is important not to wear things that clash, just as you wouldn’t wear blue and green together, you also shouldn’t wear plaid and stripes. Dressing appropriately for informal gatherings will just be a matter of selecting the type of clothing that will work well together. It is to stick with simple fabric textures and doing well to avoid wearing bright colors. Mixing and matching is ok and often done but, do not attempt to do so unless of coarse you have a second opinion or a good eye for fashion.

If you are attending a formal event it is important to get an idea of what type of attire is best suited for the time of day and formality of the event. Take the wedding for example; you would not be dressed appropriately if you were to wear a pair of casual pants and a blazer unless it is a very small daytime wedding (informal). For larger more formal weddings a dress code is often put into effect. Continue reading, as this article will give you a brake down of some attire guidelines. 

To a private club (engagement or rehearsal dinner)

  • Casual to dress wear
  • Business suit
  • Jacket and pants
  • Light or dark colors are suitable
  • Dress shirt
  • Sweater
  • Casual top with collar

Summer black tie event (formal event)

  • Stripes and plaids are suitable but not if worn combined
  • Suit jacket or blazer
  • Black trousers
  • Full suit (business suit is ok)
  • Tuxedo can be worn for evening wear only, not to be worn before 6:00 pm
  • White shirt
  • Tie
  • Cummerbund or vest is suitable
    -Shoes- close toe shoes, polished
    -Jewelry- everyday jewelry can be worn, avoid wearing anything to big or clunky

Winter black tie event (formal event)

  • Dark color jacket and pants
  • Shirt can be white, off white, or a pale pastel
  • Shirt may be pleated but never ruffled
  • Black tie is most suitable
  • A wing collar shirt and bow tie is also suitable for an evening affair
  • Trousers may have a satin stripe down the side
  • Suspender can be worn
  • Cummerbund, vest and bow tie is suitable
  • A black or dark grey topcoat can be worn
    -Shoes- black patent, dress shoes or dress oxfords can be worn (all should be polished)
    -Jewelry- everyday jewelry is ok providing it is clean and not clunky, cufflinks can be used on the suit or shirt.

White tie affair (very formal event)

  • Tuxedo is suitable after 6:00pm
  • Black tailcoat (wool and silk)
  • Shirt should be starched
  • Shirt should have a stiff wing collar
  • White suspenders are suitable
  • White waistcoat
    -Shoes- black patent or dress oxfords are best suited
    -Jewelry- only your finest jewelry should be worn

Hopefully this section will have assisted you with ideas for selecting the appropriate attire for the accession you are going to attend.

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