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10 Things to Know After Receiving the Invitation

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So you were recently invited to the wedding of someone you know. This may be a close friend or relative, regardless of your relationship with this person the news of their wedding is taken with joy and happiness. For some guests, being invited to an upcoming wedding will bring with it excitement and anxiety.

Quite naturally, some people will not feel comfortable being in a position where there are so many faces that are unfamiliar to them; a wedding can easily be considered such a place. If you are an out of town guest, chances are you will only be familiar with the person/s that invited you. Even so, your time spent will be remembered fondly and to the couple include an overwhelming amount of appreciation.

As a guest to a wedding, commonly the most exciting part of the event for you will be the reception and gatherings. This is where you will have the opportunity to get better acquainted to the other individuals that have helped in making this day all it has been. The celebration will include the company of the newly weds (bride and groom), bridesmaids, ushers, parents, possibly the officiant and some other guests that were not present at the church. 

It is a fact that most people will only be invited to a wedding once or twice for a given year. With the wonderful variety of cultures and religions that work to make this moment special in unique and different ways, you as a guest may find yourself without a clear knowledge of some of the common procedures involved. For this reason you may want to familiarize yourself with the customs or culture of the wedding theme you are about to attend. See our area on () for more information on this topic or, continue reading for some basic guide opinions. It is always best that before entering unfamiliar territories to allow yourself the advantage of more knowledge and a better understanding. 

Being a wedding guest is not something that you will need to learn, however there are common courtesies that you should consider following before and during the day of the wedding. One area that may be of interest to you may be; being invited and how to respond whether you’re intentions are to attend or not. In the area below we have provided you with some examples.

Being invited to the wedding- 

  1. For one, if you know someone who is getting married and you have not yet received an invitation; do not ask to be invited. This is very important; not all weddings are large, some couples reserve their wedding guest list for family members only. If you have not been invited chances are it’s not because that person did not want to invite you but more on the line of not being able to. 
  2. If you have received an invitation, it is only right to reply promptly. The average reply time is usually within a week of receiving the invitation. 
  3. If you are unable to attend the wedding to which you have been invited, a written response letter explaining why you are unable to attend should be included in your reply.
  4. Your reply should be sent back in the pre-addressed envelope that is commonly included in the invitation package. If a return envelope is not included send your reply back to the address shown on the envelope mailed to you.
  5. If you are already aware that you can only attend the ceremony of the wedding and not the reception, it is best to inform the couple so that dinner arrangements are not made for your presence. Dinner is ordered depending on the number of guests and paid for individually. For this reason it is a nice gesture to inform the couple of your plans. This regret can be written; unfortunately due to previous engagement I/we will be unable to attend the reception however we will be present at the ceremony. 
  6. If you have already sent your reply and later find out that you won’t be able to attend the wedding, it is best to contact the couple by phone or letter promptly to express your reasons for having to cancel. 
  7. In many cases, a guest of a wedding party attendant is invited to the wedding through the attendant themselves. It may also be the case that you have received your own invitation to the wedding that your partner is partaking in, in either case it is a common courtesy to bring along a gift for the marrying couple.
  8. If you have children and received a wedding invitation that invites you and your significant other but not your complete family, it is possible that children are not invited to the wedding. In this case it is not suitable to ask or request that the children be invited. 
  9. If your children are on invited to the wedding, consider whether it is a good idea to bring them. Depending on their ages, an evening wedding may be too much for them. Some parents will make alternative childcare arrangements for their children so that they can go to the wedding and enjoy the event without having to worry about keeping them under control.
  10. The wedding ceremony is usually the most cherished time for the couple. For this reason it is a good idea to ensure yourself of attending it, even if you are unable to attend the after celebration of the reception.

Your reply to a wedding invitation should always be kept simple, however, in some cases a little note and reason for your regret is appropriate if the person getting married is someone you know well.

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