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The Wedding Shower - Overview
A wedding shower is a pre-wedding party that usually includes all the women that are close to the bride. Often the bride will attend more than one bridal shower, one thrown by the brides side and the other thrown by the husband-to-be side of the family.
Planning the Shower
The bridal shower is a woman's only party; it is a party that is usually held on a weekend afternoon. Gift are given to the bride-to-be by the guests, games are usually played and a light lunch is commonly served by the hosts.

Planning the Shower

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The bridal shower is a woman's only party; it is a party that is usually held on a weekend afternoon. Gift are given to the bride-to-be by the guests, games are usually played and a light lunch is commonly served by the hosts.


Shower menu suggestions
Because showers are usually informal a big meal or sit down style is unnecessary. 

If however, the bridal shower being planed is a more formal event, held at a small rented space or catered for a large group then this break down of suggestion may not suit your needs.


Breakfast bridal shower: Afternoon luncheon shower:
Bagels Pasta salad
Croissants Garden salad
Muffins Potato salad
Danishes Tuna salad with rolls
Doughnuts Seafood salad with rolls
Coffee cake Cold cuts on a platter with rolls
Belgian waffles Swedish meatballs
French toast Lasagna
Pancakes Punch
Fresh fruit Fresh fruit juices
Omelets Soda
Quiche Coffee or tea
Bacon Desserts:
Sausage Strawberries dipped in
Ham chocolate
Coffee Fresh fruit salad
Fresh fruit juice Brownies
Mimosas Apple or raspberry pie
Appetizers: Black forest cake
Fried chicken wings Cheesecake
Stuffed mushrooms Shower cakes can be pre-ordered at your bakery
Crab cakes  
Pizza rolls  
Zucchini appetizers  
Shrimp cocktail ring  
Veggie platter & dip  
Beef teriyaki strips  
Chicken strips  

Simple ready-made invitations are perfect for this informal pre-wedding party they can be purchase from most stationary stores.
If the guest list for the bridal shower is limited and not very large you can get away with contacting the invited guests by phone. Be sure to inform the guests whether the shower will be a surprise and if a gift registry is available for gift selection. Obviously important information such as directions, time and date should also be expressed during the phone call.

Recording the gifts as they are opened
Recording gifts as they are opened is very important, this is the only way the bride-to-be can keep track of who gave what. Most importantly however, is keeping this information for the purpose of thank you notes. Sometimes the hostess takes on this responsibility but more commonly an individual is selected to keep track and take notes. Be sure that the person in charge is aware of the importance and is capable of this job. The use of our gift recorder may help with organization or you may use a simple notebook to log all the information. Sometimes recording gifts on the back of each card is done but if you are going to go this rout be sure that the cards wont be lost or misplaced.

Thank You Notes
Thank you notes are very important; as a matter of fact most guest await their thank you notes. Not because they expect it but because they are anxious to find out whether the couple liked their selection. Thank you notes are made out and sent by the couple within few days to a week after the bridal shower. They should be personalized to the guest with a brief thanks and description of the gift. As you can see this is why recording all of the gifts and whom they came from is such an important task.

To Sue Conley & family
I enjoyed seeing you at my bridal shower, I wanted to thank you for the wonderful gift you brought for Jeff and I. We will get many years of use out of the toaster oven and will enjoy many yummy deserts with our new bake ware set.

Once again our sincere thanks
Cathy and Jeff

Shower Games
Yes games, games are a fun icebreaker even at a bridal shower. The chitchat and laughter between ladies can only be fun for so long, spicing up a shower with some well planned games can become really fun and interesting. Obviously we aren’t talking naughty games, but games that involve marriage themes or other interesting ideas. You will always encounter the odd party pooper in any event that is not up for this kind of thing.

Consider throwing in some prizes for the winners of the games, even the biggest cynics may be encouraged to get involved.

Here are some bridal shower games to consider:

  • Mystery Spice
    Place ten spice filled jars on a table and cover the labels with tape, number each spice jar so they can be easily identified. The rules of this game are to have all of the participants (all guests are welcome) stand and observe the bottles. The game participants may shake, smell and observe the ingredient but they must not remove or peek at the labels. Set a time limit on the observations, this is to ensure that one of your guest don’t excuse themselves for 15 minutes to run to the grocery store to get their answer (smile). Have the guests right down their answers on a numbered piece of paper. At the end, the spice jars may go to the participant with the most correct answer or may be donated to the bride-to-be, to start her spice rack.
  • Mish-mash marriage
    Scramble the letters in words associated with love and marriage: kiss (siks), love (voel), Garter (targer) and so on. Set a time limit, and have the guests figure out the scrambles: The participant who completes the most words is the winner and receives a prize (if prizes are used).
  • Guess the goodies
    Fill a large jar with your favorite small goodies, this will be a guessing game for your guests. Kisses, jelly beans, candy covered almonds, M&Ms or any other small goodie you think would work well in the jar. Everyone should guess how many items are in the jar, their answers should be written on a piece of paper along with their names and placed in a basket, hat or bowl. Near the end of the bridal shower the winner who comes the closest to the correct number of items in the jar will win the candy filled jar.
  • Memory game
    Once the bride-to-be has opened her gifts and said her thanks ask her to leave the room. Be sure to explain the game to the guests while the bride-to-be is away. The game is as follows, hand out paper and pencils to all the guests, ask them to answer the questions they are about to be asked on the piece of paper. The questions will be about the guest of honor (bride-to-be), What was she wearing, is she wearing earrings, color nail polish, what is her middle name and any other fun questions the guests may get a kick out of. You can then collect all of the answers (make sure everyone writes their names on their answer sheet). The bride can now be welcomed back into the room and the winner is selected, the one with the most correct answers. A prize may be given to the winner.
  • Leg crossing game
    This one always seems to be fun and very tricky for some, others become a pro by the end of the afternoon. Consider this, an all women celebration with a rule that entails not being able to cross your legs, tough isn’t it? In order to make this game fare every single guest must be a ware of the rules, late guests must be fully informed of the game being played upon arrival.
    The rules are, not being able to cross your legs throughout the duration of the bridal shower. All of the guests will be given a safety pin to wear on their blouse, if a guest is caught crossing their legs the person who catches this miss hap takes the pin away and adds it to her own. If this person is then caught crossing her legs she looses her whole collection to the person who caught her. As you can see this can be tricky as it is natural for most women to instinctively cross their legs. The one with the biggest collection at the end wins the game. A prize should be won.

Your guests got involved playing crazy games some more willingly then others, the winners of the games should be rewarded with small prizes. Rewards or prizes don’t need to be fancy; they are however supplied by the hostess of the party and are usually small inexpensive usable items.

  • Candles
  • Note cards or stationary
  • Candy
  • Bubble bath or soap
  • Shopping list pad
  • Coffee or tea mugs
  • Coasters
  • Nice recipe cards or holder
  • Uncommon pens or pencils
  • Hand lotion
  • Vase
  • Magnets
  • Gift certificates (inexpensive)

In some cases intense riot like conflicts occur between participants, in which case the hostess should always pick up a few extra prizes in case a situation like this occurs, you don’t want any fighting over a silly little game at a bridal shower. If extra gifts are left over at the end of the party, they are usually given to guests but not freely you don’t want any unnecessary altercations. Consider having the guests pick a number between 10-50 or have them guess a color you may be thinking of, the winner gets the prize.

Theme wedding shower
Ever been invited to a theme bridal shower? They are quit interesting and hold a very unique way of gathering necessary items that the bride-to-be is in need of. Often second time around marriages or couples who have been living together prior to marriage don’t need a whole lot of stuff and so a theme bridal shower may suit them very well.
Theme Bridal showers are parties that are geared toward a specific theme such as a kitchen shower, guests provide kitchen stuff for gifts, a linen shower would gear towards bedding, lingerie showers are personal but fun and great for the second time around brides and the money tree shower, and wouldn’t we all love one of those. Well a money tree shower is a shower that everyone is asked to place money or cheques in a sealed envelope that will be attached to a money tree and later given to the bride-to-be. This one is fun, hassle free for the guests and very convenient for the bride-to-be.

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