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The Wedding Shower - Overview
A wedding shower is a pre-wedding party that usually includes all the women that are close to the bride. Often the bride will attend more than one bridal shower, one thrown by the brides side and the other thrown by the husband-to-be side of the family.
Planning the Shower
The bridal shower is a woman's only party; it is a party that is usually held on a weekend afternoon. Gift are given to the bride-to-be by the guests, games are usually played and a light lunch is commonly served by the hosts.

You've Been Specially Chosen to Be a Bridesmaid

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You've Been specially Chosen to Be a Bridesmaid

It is not uncommon for a woman to feel overwhelmed and excited when she is asked to take part in a wedding. A wedding is a very romantic time and most women have a sensitive side when it comes to romance. You may have expected the big question to come up at any time, hey you are close friends, but when those words ‘will you be in my wedding’ are heard a rush of sudden excitement will overwhelm you spirit. 

Most commonly it is family or close friends that are asked to partake in weddings. It is important that before accepting this role you be fully familiar with the areas of responsibilities and expectations you will be partaking in, in order to assure both yourself and the bride-to-be of the fact that you are indeed able and capable of being a good bridesmaid throughout the planning months and wedding day. Accepting the task is only one part of being a bridesmaid. A bridesmaid is supposed to be a support and shoulder for the bride to lean on. She is supposed to be a good friend and shopping partner. A bridesmaid is often considered to be the bride’s right hand, how? Well when things get hectic and the bride needs a hand, whether it is to pick something up or solve a last minute problem, the bridesmaid should be there to help out. 

Bridesmaids can often help to smooth the transition from being single to being married for the bride-to-be. The bridesmaids are after all made up of either close friends or family with years of experiences that were shared with the bride while she was single and some when she was not. These experiences will make a bridesmaid even happier to see her close friend getting married to the love of her life and will encourage only the best of intentions for their new life. Becoming a wife can cause an enormous amount of anxiety and the bridesmaids are usually there to help the bride through these testing moments.

Being a good bridesmaid is just a matter of understanding your duties and responsibilities. For many, this is not clearly understood until the situations present themselves. You should not take on the task of being a bridesmaid however until you have a clear idea and knowledge about what is expected from you. You may decide to ask the bride-to-be what she expects from your participation or you can read below to get a general understanding right now.

If you are asked to be a bridesmaid and have some concerns or questions it is ok to enquire before your decision is made. If you have already accepted your role as a bridesmaid it is still not too late to ask some other questions. Some appropriate questions often asked are things like, what color or style will the dresses be? Will my accommodations (if out of town) be taken care of? As you can see these are both reasonable questions that should be asked if they are of an immediate concern to you.

Here are some areas in which the bridesmaids are usually responsible for:

  1. Assists the maid of honor with the planning and preparing of the bridal shower
  2. Contributes equally with the bridal party for the cost of the bridal shower
  3. Assists the bride with her errands
  4. Helps to address and post wedding invitations
  5. Acts as a co-host to most pre-wedding parties planned for the bride-to-be
  6. Stands the cost of her own wedding day attire
  7. Pays for her own beauty treatment the day of the wedding
  8. Makes her own transportation arrangements to and from the reception
  9. Pays for her own stay (unless accommodations were generously arranged by the couple)
  10. Becomes a shopping partner
  11. Must be flexible for dress fittings
  12. Proceeds in the processional at the ceremony
  13. Assists if help is needed to get the bride dressed in her wedding gown
  14. Must be available if the bride needs help in the washroom throughout the wedding day
  15. Greets the guests as they pass through the receiving line
  16. Sits at the head table
  17. Have a first dance with her assigned usher at the reception
  18. If single, participates in the bouquet toss

For the most part, these are some areas in which you should expect to participate and be responsible for when you accept the role of being a bridesmaid. Along the way however, additional assistance may be required if the bride-to-be or the maid of honor requires your help. The best thing you can do as a bridesmaid is keep an open mind and try to go along with the flow. Try to be available and flexible. Good luck with your honor role and enjoy it.

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