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The Wedding Shower - Overview
A wedding shower is a pre-wedding party that usually includes all the women that are close to the bride. Often the bride will attend more than one bridal shower, one thrown by the brides side and the other thrown by the husband-to-be side of the family.
Planning the Shower
The bridal shower is a woman's only party; it is a party that is usually held on a weekend afternoon. Gift are given to the bride-to-be by the guests, games are usually played and a light lunch is commonly served by the hosts.

The One Year Guide to Being a Good Attendant

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The One Year Guide to Being a Good Attendant

The wedding attendants are commonly chosen before any of the pre-wedding preparations begin. They are usually the first set of individuals aside from immediate family that know about the upcoming plans. The wedding party is usually included in all of the pre-wedding plans and celebrations. They will act as a support and be of assistance in the various ways needed. This group of individuals has accepted the title as bridesmaid or groomsman and will understand the responsibilities they will be held accountable for. Although being included in a wedding party may seem like a lot of work, it is also a great pleasure and honor to be included. Understanding your specific title and duties that follow will ensure you of providing the very best to the bride or groom getting married. 

In order to stay on target and be the best attendant you can be, it is important that you first understand what your duties in tale. Second, make up a game plan as to what and when certain things will be required of you. Below is a one-year calendar that may help you to better understand the progressional stages that you will encounter throughout the planning period of an upcoming wedding.

12-9 months before the wedding-

  • Prepare for the engagement party (purchase a gift)
  • Attend any engagement parties that may be planed
  • Make personal notes on ways that you believe you may be able to provide support throughout the planning months

6-4 months before the wedding-

  • Get your accurate measurements done for the wedding attire
  • Order wedding attire early (some stores give discounts to those who buy their dress early and take it home)
  • Begin putting plans in motion for the bridal shower

3-2 months before the wedding-

  • If you have not picked up your wedding day attire yet, do so now
  • Alterations can be done at the point
  • Make reservations for hotel stay if needed the day before, the day of and the day after the wedding
  • Put plans in motion for the girls last night out (bachelorette party)
  • Book beauty appointments for the wedding day (hair, make up, nails)
  • The bridal party should figure out what type of gift they will provide to the bride or couple with at the rehearsal dinner

1 month before the wedding-

  • The wedding attire should be finished and ready for pick up if alterations were done
  • Make sure you have appropriate undergarments to suit the attire (try every thing on)
  • Your shoes should be broken in
  • Choose a wedding gift for the couple
  • Get a final haircut or color don’t do anything to dramatic, remember the wedding is only a month away

2 weeks before the wedding-

  • If you are wearing new shoes be sure to scuff the bottom on rough ground as they can be very slippery in the beginning (you wouldn’t want to slip and rip your dress on the way to the ceremony)
  • Facials or waxing should be done now, no later in case irritation occurs
  • Attend any last minute pre-wedding functions held for the bride (bridesmaid luncheon is commonly held)

1 week before the wedding-

  • If a wedding day kit is being put together now is a good time to complete it (if you require more information on the wedding day kit, see the brides emergency team)
  • Make your transportation arrangements final for travel to the reception site and home
  • Ensure that you have all other attire necessities in order (undergarments, panty hose, nail polish, and jewelry)
  • Confirm the directions of the ceremony and reception site in case you have to travel on your own
  • Check to make sure your attire does not need last minute ironing
  • Get a good rest for the big day, go to bed early

These are some of the area that will assist you in being prepared come the wedding day. Other areas may include being flexible to accommodate some of alternative measures that could arise. As this will be a preparation stage started close to or one year before the actual event, being open to changes will always be a better way plan.

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