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The Wedding Shower - Overview
A wedding shower is a pre-wedding party that usually includes all the women that are close to the bride. Often the bride will attend more than one bridal shower, one thrown by the brides side and the other thrown by the husband-to-be side of the family.
Planning the Shower
The bridal shower is a woman's only party; it is a party that is usually held on a weekend afternoon. Gift are given to the bride-to-be by the guests, games are usually played and a light lunch is commonly served by the hosts.

Bridesmaids Saving Tips for the Wedding

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Bridesmaids Saving Tips for the Wedding

If you have been chosen to take part in a wedding you will be expected to support your own financial responsibilities. Some of these responsibilities will be larger than others. Being able to afford them may be harder for some than others. If you are in the position where your financial budget is limited, you may need to consider ways to save in certain areas. Taking part in a wedding is not the cheapest thing to do. Aside from your attire and personal beauty you will need to contribute equally towards pre-wedding parties, gifts for the bride and/or couple. Your stay and transportation will also all be a part of your financial obligations for the upcoming wedding.

If you are worried about all of your financial responsibilities throughout this time, you may want to cut back in areas that you can do without.

Some simple ways to save money during the approach of the wedding

  • If it is a small wedding and the bride is allowing you to select a dress of your own choice, hit the sale racks or borrow a dress from a friend.
  • Suggest that the bridal party attire be selected from sample or sale racks.
  • Early bird shopping is great (Some dress shops will give small discounts on bridal attire to those who purchase and take their dress home right away).
  • If you already have a previously died pair of silk or satin shoes, consider having them re-died into the correct color. If the new color is a darker shade you can recycle your previously worn shoes.
  • Shop for clearance silk shoes, they often go on sale once the season no longer calls for them.
  • If all of the bridal and bridesmaids attire is being ordered from the same store, discounts may be available.
  • Do your own make up and hair the day of the wedding or have someone you know do it for you without cost.
  • Split the cost of transportation with someone else in the wedding party, or make other travel plans in advanced
  • If overnight stay in a hotel is required, ask if someone else would want to share a room and split the cost.

As you can already see, there are many areas in which saving some money is possible. Make up a budget and stay on track, don’t get carried away with extra costs for shopping, contributing and gift giving.

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