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The Wedding Shower - Overview
A wedding shower is a pre-wedding party that usually includes all the women that are close to the bride. Often the bride will attend more than one bridal shower, one thrown by the brides side and the other thrown by the husband-to-be side of the family.
Planning the Shower
The bridal shower is a woman's only party; it is a party that is usually held on a weekend afternoon. Gift are given to the bride-to-be by the guests, games are usually played and a light lunch is commonly served by the hosts.

16 Steps to Being a Well Mannered Bridesmaid

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16 Steps to Being a Well Mannered Bridesmaid
 You are among the bridesmaids at a friends or family’s special event that is her wedding. This responsibility is taken with honor and pride. You wish only the best for the bride and her husband to be. It is with this very same intent that proper manner and etiquettes are displayed and practiced.

Your duties are those that can only be done properly by you and no one else. A protocol can be considered a guide that instructs you on how to do something, it is established by precedence. It governs rules that can easily be followed especially when motivated by meaning and purpose. Etiquette is considered a principle conduct or rule of behavior that was developed and installed by authority to be used in implementing proper behavior and practice. These two synonyms have over time become traditional rules of behavior and have past through generations to establish grounds and respect. 
As an example; John was asked in an interview what type of certificate or experience does he have as proof to support his claim of being well trained in the manner of customer service and relations. His reply was that service, manners and relations of any kind is first taught at home and practiced with every encounter then proven with the relationships shared with those encounters to become respected friends. Etiquette and proper manners are exercised by using good judgment, instinct, and a thoughtful heart. If you choose to use this as your guide to help you roam across unfamiliar territories, the outcome will always be one that you can look back on confidently. Here are some simple steps for the bridesmaid that feels encouraged to be distinguished as a well-mannered individual at her friend’s or family’s wedding affair.

 The bride will want to make requests as soon as possible to those individuals she will want to honor in being her bridesmaids for the wedding. After deciding and confirming the exact date, she will also be expecting prompt response in order to maintain priorities. Your almost immediate response will do well at helping her out. After deciding to partake in the wedding as a bridesmaid, a response to an invitation sent is not required and should only be kept as a keepsake to the event.
 This will be a period of financial demands for the couple getting wed. Though the bride may offer to assist the bridesmaids with areas of expenses, this should not be considered nor expected from the bride. All bridesmaids should be prepared to stand the cost of their own travel expenses, dress and accessories. If the preference or convenience of a bridemaid is to stay at a hotel or logging, expenses should also be owned for this period.
 This is the bride’s moment and so she holds first title to the attire style and color that is considered suitable to work with her desired wedding theme. Though commonly the bride will or should present options for the bridesmaids to choose from, it is the bridesmaids position to be supportive and understanding to the bride’s ultimate decision.
 The bride-to-be is never in charge of nor involved in the organizing of her own bridal shower. This should be a duty taken on responsibly and financially by her bridal party. This is another very special moment for the bride-to-be. It will be shared by well wishers and the fun loving individuals that she has entrusted her respect and admiration to. The bridesmaids along with the maid of honor (possibly with the bride’s mother) will take full control of all the details involved in the proceedings while the bride is left to deal with other matters pertaining to her wedding.
 The bridal shower will be supported by leadership and so will require patience and understanding from the bridesmaids. The person in charge (maid of honor) will be responsible for delegating areas of responsibility. These should be adhered to whole hearted and respectfully by the bridesmaids in order for the successful and appreciated outcome of the wedding shower event.
 As this is indeed a moment of mixed tensions and emotions, the bridesmaids are still encouraged to participate respectfully with the requirements of the event. This is to be practiced by being cooperative and understanding to each and every circumstances and situations that require their support in order to achieve a positive end.
 The bride will be under tremendous pressure and stress related to the event. The bridesmaids assist the bride with any wedding related issues and errands. This will prove to be a respected measure of convenient support and understanding
 As the wedding preparations progresses, there will be various functions and events to which the bridesmaid participates. These may include pre-wedding parties and all other wedding related functions such as: engagement party, luncheon, bridal showers, luncheon for the bridesmaids, rehearsal dinner, and possibly brunch or morning breakfast that may proceed on the morning after.
 During the event, other parties and celebration will be held, some of which may or may not be considered favorable to the bride, namely: the bachelor party. The bridesmaids keep the bride occupied and entertained clear of negative thoughts and emotions. Bridesmaids keep the brides mind in a positive place at all times especially during her last-minute jitters and misgivings about her future husband-to-be. This is a common faze and should not be supported but rather discouraged with the use of positive support and guidance.
 Bridesmaids take the responsibility and thoughtfulness in arriving at all functions on time and appropriately outfitted with particulars that may come in useful to the bride. This especially includes the dressing site where the bridesmaids arrive 2 to 3 hours early in order to assist the bride with her gown and any other area of support that may be needed prior to the ceremony. Bridesmaids arrive at the ceremony site 1 to 1/12 hours early for photographs and videos to be taken onsite prior to the ceremony.
 Bridesmaids are orderly and respectful during the ceremony and after, taking special attention at being attentive during the exchange of vows that are being read. Bridesmaids stand to the left of the maid of honor and a bit behind her during the ceremony in front of the Officiant.
 Bridesmaids maintain polite reactions and appropriate behavior through the various stages of sentimental speeches and toasts that are extended both from guests and the bride and her husband. As this is another very emotional period of the event, the bridesmaids will again be a support and strength for the bride by being encouraging and motivating through moments that may have the bride in a state of blush, tears or shy embarrassments.
 Bridesmaids will extend their best wishes to the couple sincerely, openly and honestly without the use of inconsiderate or selfish humor and only after the toasts and speeches have been delivered from the best man, groom to bride, bride to groom, and couple to parents at the reception.
 Bridesmaids understand and respects the bride’s position to be center stage at her wedding and does not encourage nor influence any behavior nor conduct that would distract away from that attention, not even for a minute. This is the bride’s moment to shine and to build canvases that will hold memories that are beautiful, worthy and untainted.
 Bridesmaids are complimentary and polite to all guests that came to offer their best wishes to the couple at the wedding. This is a moment that should be made up of sincere thoughts and wishes of happiness for the new couple. The bridesmaids take every effort in ensuring that all guests are comfortable and socially at ease with each during the reception.
 Bridesmaids reflect positive energy that will work to encourage guests to let loose and partake in the excitement and fun moments of the event.

Your position as a bridesmaid is one that is of a very special purpose to the bride, her husband and the event that is their wedding. Practicing simple manners and wedding etiquette for you as a bridesmaid will reflect the main difference in your performance painting a picture that says a thousand words about your character and the love and respect you have for the bride or, of someone merely present with mixed behaviors that make you conspicuously noticeable.

Keep your humor about you and gracefully face the challenges as they present themselves. Arm yourself with the knowledge that you are partaking in a very important way at an event that will be forever forged in the mind of your close friend, sister or relative as one of the most important moment in her life. This will be a moment that will demand much of your time and resourcefulness. You will then enjoy the celebration with the company of good food, entertainment, fun and the heartfelt reward of appreciation extended to you from the couple for a job well done.

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