Monday, January 22, 2018
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The One-Year Preperation Guide
The wedding attendants are commonly chosen before any of the pre-wedding preparations begin. They are usually the first set of individuals aside from immediate family that know about the upcoming plans.
Planning The Bachelor Party
The bachelor party, a moment for introductions and formalities between the males. One of the most positive ideas behind this event is the relationship building between the bride & grooms, male friends and family prior to the wedding and celebration. It is the responsibility of the groomsmen to plan and organize the bachelor party.
You are about to play an important role in a very special person's wedding. Get tips, ideas and other great information now
  You've been specially chosen
As a groomsman you hold the honored title representing support with uniformed style and presence.

1 The One-Year Preperation Guide
2 Planning The Bachelor Party
3 You've Been Specially Chosen
4 Groomsmen, Your Tasks on The Day of The Wedding

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