Tuesday, January 23, 2018
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The One-Year Preperation Guide
The wedding attendants are commonly chosen before any of the pre-wedding preparations begin. They are usually the first set of individuals aside from immediate family that know about the upcoming plans.
Planning The Bachelor Party
The bachelor party, a moment for introductions and formalities between the males. One of the most positive ideas behind this event is the relationship building between the bride & grooms, male friends and family prior to the wedding and celebration. It is the responsibility of the groomsmen to plan and organize the bachelor party.

You've Been Specially Chosen

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You have been asked to participate in a wedding as a groomsman. What a pleasure it is to be included in such a special way. Whether it is your brother or a close friend getting married, he has asked you to take part in his big day, a day that will be fondly remembered and thought about for years to come.

It is important that upon accepting the role as groomsman, you are fully aware of your role and responsibilities in for the event. Your full support will be necessary throughout the planning months and also for the day of the wedding. Your job as a groomsman will include being the biggest support you can be to the groom getting married. Assisting in plans and preparations that will pop up along the way will only be two areas among others that will be required of you in support of the event. Groomsmen are often there to help in smoothing the transition of their pal from being a single bachelor to openly accepting the life of marriage with his significant other. Try to keep an open mind and be as flexible with your time as possible.

Aside from being a support for the groom-to-be, it is important that you have a clear knowledge of your own personal responsibilities. Some of these responsibilities will include paying for your own wedding day attire and being on your best behavior on the day of the wedding. 

Some areas in which the groomsmen are usually responsible for

  • Stands the cost of their wedding day attire
  • Assists the best man with planning the bachelor party
  • Contributes equally toward a gift for the groom
  • Arrives at the ceremony and reception location early to assist with last minute details
  • Assists with last minute touch ups including; decorations, seating, and lighting of candles at the church
  • Escorts guests to their seats at the ceremony
  • Promptly welcomes and escorts honor attendant such as parents or grandparents of the marrying couple to their assigned seats
  • Immediately before the processional begins the runner must be rolled out
  • Responsible for their own transportation to the reception and home
  • Stands the expense of reservations for their stay and/or accommodations
  • Stands in the receiving line at the reception (optional)
  • Greets, welcomes and shows guests to their reserved seats at the reception
  • Once all guests have arrived and been seated the gifts are secured by the groomsmen (they often get locked in the management office of the hall)
  • Offer a toast (optional)
  • Have a first dance with your assigned partner (bridesmaid) at the reception
  • Offer single women a dance during the wedding reception
  • The couples getaway car is often decorated by the groomsmen
  • Responsible for the return of their own attire if rented or the groom’s should the best man be unable to.

For the most part, these are some areas in which you should expect to participate and be responsible for when you accept the role of being a groomsman. Along the way however, additional assistance may be required if the groom-to-be or if the best man requires your help. The best thing you can do as a groomsman is keep an open mind and try to go along with the flow. Try to be available and flexible. Good luck with your honor role and enjoy it. The reception will be a blast and memories of the event will include you as a shining part of what it was all about.

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