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The One-Year Preperation Guide
The wedding attendants are commonly chosen before any of the pre-wedding preparations begin. They are usually the first set of individuals aside from immediate family that know about the upcoming plans.
Planning The Bachelor Party
The bachelor party, a moment for introductions and formalities between the males. One of the most positive ideas behind this event is the relationship building between the bride & grooms, male friends and family prior to the wedding and celebration. It is the responsibility of the groomsmen to plan and organize the bachelor party.

Groomsmen, Your Tasks on The Day of The Wedding

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Groomsmen, Your Tasks on The Day of The Wedding


 Not long ago you were asked to take part in a family member or good friend’s wedding. The planning period has taken up a lot of your personal time and dug into your pocket financially. You have pulled your own weight and tried to be as supportive as you could.


At times you may have even felt a bit under appreciated but, once the celebration is complete and things go back to normal, the married couple will experience a sincere and heartfelt appreciation for their attendants support and helping hands. This event will be one of the biggest experiences that they will share as a couple. Their memories will reflect only wonderful images to which your presents will be one among the shining moments that helped to make it possible. You will be remembered as part of a group that made the wedding day special and less stressful for the couple.

Although the planning period is coming to an end and the wedding day is around the corner, your job as a groomsman is far from over. That’s right; you’ve gotten yourself this far but you still need to get through the day itself. The wedding day will require more from you than you’ve put forth yet. Your continued support both physical (for those pushing, lifting and carrying moments) along with your emotional support will still be in high demand for the day of the wedding. The Groom may find himself in a state of nervousness with anxiety and last minute jitters; it will be your duty as a groomsman to demonstrate a positive and uplifting personality especially during these moments.

Your personality will need to adjust to the event and you will need to be at your best from start to finish. Being a gentleman will be your task throughout the entire day (if you need to, practice or familiarize yourself with some common etiquettes days before the wedding).

The wedding day will be a full day for you, if you are unsure of what to expect continue reading to get a clear idea.

Wedding day checklist-
You will need to be as organized as possible the day of the wedding. Your day will begin bright and early. The groom will need your assistance getting ready and will rely on your helpful last minute reminders. Obviously, you too will need to get dressed and ready for the big day. Organization is a great way to stay focused and ensure that nothing important will be left behind or unchecked.

  1. Suit
  2. Shoes
  3. Dress socks
  4. Cufflinks (if needed)
  5. Tie or bowtie
  6. Antiperspirant
  7. Cologne
  8. Breath fresheners
  9. Shaving kit
  10. Directions and maps to the wedding locations
  11. Wedding gift
  12. Pre-written speech or toast
  13. Camera and film

Your walk through the processional-
You will be expected to walk down the isle at the ceremony to the processional. You should maintain a calm presents and try to keep a smile on your face for most of the event. Even if your shoes are bothering you, try not to show it, most likely you will get caught in a picture or on video:

  • Walk with your feet and posture aligned without slouching or dragging
  • You will be teamed up with a bridesmaid that will be fully comfortable with her presence. Making yourself a modeled gentleman beside her will do a great deal to presentation of those captured images.
  • Small talk is best left until after the ceremony and not during.
  • Your attention to details will be important, these will include being focused and attentive during the ceremony.
  • Watch your step, runners sometimes lift or scrunch together
  • Remember what was told to you and practiced at the rehearsal. This will probably be one of the most important things to remember in order to maintain control of your role in the wedding ceremony.

You will be in many pictures throughout the day. Many of theses pictures will be taken candidly, for this reason it is important to always keep a smile on your face and avoid any blank stares. 
The receiving line at the reception-
This is a line that will be made up of the bride, groom, parents of both and the wedding party. It is usually set up at the entrance of the hall, as guests enter the reception they are welcomed by the receiving line and directed to their seats. Your job will be to shake the hands of the arriving guests and greet them as they pass. Sometimes the groomsmen will also be responsible for escorting guests to their assigned seats

The receiving lines order usually goes in this order;

  1. 1st in line is the brides mother
  2. 2nd in line is the brides father
  3. 3rd in line is the grooms mother
  4. 4th in line is the grooms father
  5. 5th in line is the bride
  6. 6th in line is the groom
  7. 7th in line is the matron of honor
  8. 8th in line is the best man
    The rest of the wedding party can stand in any order.

Offer a toast to the couple (optional)-
For many people, offering a toast can be intimidating. The toast should be done at an assigned time during the reception. Your toast can be short and sweet or long and touching. It may even be decided to have one person make a speech that will express the sincere congratulations to the couple from the entire wedding party. Either way, a toast should be provided. Here are some ideas to consider before making a toast to the married couple.

Toast ideas:

  • Old stories of childhood memories are very common and always enjoyed
  • Personal stories that may involve the love and relationship shared between the couple and how they met
  • Religious speeches are great
  • Simple congratulation speech and a note of best wishes are very popular to those who find it hard to speak in front of an audience.

First dance with your partner-
It is a must that you pull yourself together for a dance with your partner. Wedding receptions commonly get things going by the bride and groom sharing their first dance as husband and wife. The next dance is usually shared with the wedding party, bride with her father and the groom with his mother. Even if you are not looking forward to this dance think about how short it will be, once it is over with, that’s it for the rest of the evening, you will then be on your own to mingle, socialize and entertain your date for the remainder of the evening (if a date is present)

Its time to party!

Your stomach is full, toasts have been made and the groom no longer needs your help. You’ve come this far and you can finally enjoy the fun yet ahead. You will still be relied upon if a guest passes out or if tables need to be moved to make space on the dance floor but, for the most part your job is over. The evening is now yours to enjoy and to celebrate the wonderful experience you have encountered and been a part of. 

Catching the garter-
All single men usually participate in the garter toss. This is a commonly known game that is played at weddings. The groom removes his wife’s garter from her leg (often with his teeth) with his back to the single guys, he throws the garter over his head and the man who catches it is suspected to be the next one to get married. Obviously this is not a fact but it is however, a common tradition played out at most weddings.

Final farewell-

The evening’s celebration has come to an end. The newly wedded couple must take off to a private place where they will await their travel to a faraway destination. They will usually express their final appreciation to the crowed still around. The attendants (ushers & Bridesmaids) will often assist the couple with getting out of their wedding day clothing and into going away clothes. The best man will be responsible for taking the grooms rented tux back to the store.

Calling it a night-

So now it’s all over, you’re exhausted from having danced the night away to the tunes of some good songs. Your duties are complete, and you have done your part in final wrap-ups and doings. What now? Let’s start by adding another star to your profile of accomplishments. Head home for a nice relaxing night possibly with your significant other, maybe discus the event and share pillow chat. If you are a bachelor, then this evening may even inspire fantasies of your own. Whichever direction the night takes, tomorrow’s sun will bring with it a hole new day, filled with possibilities and more. Who knows, the next groom could be you, all it takes are those lovely words to that one question that most women involved in a loving relationship wants to hear, and most men try to avoid until the last minute.

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