Saturday, February 24, 2018
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Duties of the Flower Girl
Wow how cute these little attendants are. Often one flower girl is chosen by the couple to participate in their wedding party. The ideal age for a flower girl is usually between three to seven years old. Obviously at this young age it is hard to expect much from them, so instead of these cute little ladies having responsibilities they are given simple tasks and duties.
Duties of the Ring Bearer
It is always nice to see young family members take part in weddings. Unlike little girls who have many positions to fill in weddings, boys are limited and have very few. The title as ring bearer is one such position that is available to a young boy. Often this young boy is a family member of the groom or the bride. He is usually between the ages of three to seven years old.
Little attendants are always a delightful part of the wedding adding charm and grace. These little ones will surely add to a moment to remember. Learn more.
  Duties of the Flower Girl
This little one will be the carrier of freshly picked and beautifully scented flowers... such a great. But what are her duties in the wedding?

1 Duties of the Flower Girl
2 Duties of the Ring Bearer
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