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Duties of the Flower Girl
Wow how cute these little attendants are. Often one flower girl is chosen by the couple to participate in their wedding party. The ideal age for a flower girl is usually between three to seven years old. Obviously at this young age it is hard to expect much from them, so instead of these cute little ladies having responsibilities they are given simple tasks and duties.
Duties of the Ring Bearer
It is always nice to see young family members take part in weddings. Unlike little girls who have many positions to fill in weddings, boys are limited and have very few. The title as ring bearer is one such position that is available to a young boy. Often this young boy is a family member of the groom or the bride. He is usually between the ages of three to seven years old.

Smart Ways To Save with Attire

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Aren't the little wedding attendants just the cutest, all dressed up and ready to take part. Well if you are the parent of a participating young child, you will soon realize how much money it will cost you to have them included. A wedding is a very special day that will be enjoyed and fondly remembered.

Your little girl has been selected by the couple to take part in their special day. She will participate in the ceremony and be included in the wedding pictures. Admiring eyes will be watching her for most of the day. She must look her best wouldn’t you say?

Well as mentioned before, her participation in the wedding will fall on her parents’ hands financially. The marrying couple does not usually hold any financial obligations for their attendants, unless of coarse other arrangements are made. The flower girl’s wedding day attire is where the financial obligations would fall into the hands of her parents. The cost for the flower girls wedding day attire can range from not a whole lot, to a small fortune depending on what the bride has in mind. Most commonly the bride will leave it up to the mother of the little girl to select a dress that will closely reassemble what she has in mind. 

The flower girl’s dress is often white in color and should closely resemble the brides wedding gown. However, in some cases, usually for large formal weddings the bride may requests that the flower girl be dressed in a special tailored dress that will match her own.

Obviously this is where financial burden will play its role. If the bride has requested for you to pay for a dress specially selected to match her own wedding gown, chances are it is probably more money than you expected to pay. If this is the situation, consider talking to the bride before any further details are made. 

If you are interested in learning about ways to save in this area continue reading

Shop department stores-
You can usually count on department stores to have a large variety of children’s wear fashions available in many sizes. Prices are usually very reasonable compared to specialty stores and items can often be found on sale.

Shop for a communion dress-
If you have lots of time to find a dress for your little girl, consider shopping in the spring or summer time when communions are taking place. This is a great time to locate a dress that will perfectly suit the occasion. These dresses are commonly white in color and are available in many styles. A communion dress will cost far less than a flower girl dress purchased in a boutique or specialty shop. They can usually be found in children’s clothing stores and sometimes department stores.

End of season sale-
Once again, if you have some time before the wedding, consider shopping for a flower girl dress once a seasonal holiday has passed. Easter is a great time to start your search for a cute dress. Many stores overstock their holiday wear fashions in hopes that they will sell out, however, many dresses are often left behind and end up on sale right after the holiday passes. Easter is a good holiday to shop after because the attire is spring like and commonly seen in light colors. The chances of you finding a white Easter dress is very likely and the prices are often reduced dramatically. 

Avoid buying expensive shoes; white shoes are very easily scuffed. Shopping for shoes in a specialty shop can be more expensive than shopping from a department store. Check sale racks and look out for sale flyers.

Nylons and tights don’t need to be fancy or expensive. Chances are your little girl will go through a few pairs before the event is complete. Purchase a few pairs of simple inexpensive tights. 
Jewelry can be worn if the child already has a few nice pieces. If your child does not have any good jewelry, don’t go out and buy any. You may consider getting crafty and make a cute necklace out of elegant beads yourself. 
Hair pieces can be purchased to match with the attire but this can become costly and not usually necessary, instead, consider clipping her hair up and adding a flower or cute little barrettes.
Gloves are commonly worn by the flower girl but they do not need to be purchased in a boutique or specialty shop. To save some money in the area check out your local craft store, as they often supply simple white gloves that can be decorated with beads and lace.

As you can see there are many ways you can avoid spending an arm and a leg on having your little one participate in a wedding. You as a parent want your daughter to look her best but you don’t want to spend more than you need for one day of use. Now that you have gotten some ideas from us, you may be able to think of some other ways to save on your own. Good luck and happy hunting. 

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