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Parents of the Bride Duties Responsibilities

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Parents of the Bride Duties Responsibilities

Your daughter is getting married, as a mother you must feel so proud and overjoyed with the excitement. It is a big step and you can’tT. wait to help her out with all the little details. Throughout her childhood days you have dreamt of someday being your daughter's best friend and being able to assist her over the stumps she will hit along the way. The time as come for her to now go over one of the biggest stumps of her life and your support will be more appreciated than it has ever been before. At this very moment she is planning a wedding and looking forward to a new life as a wife where she will use your examples as a couch.

Most women at this point look forward to spending time with their moms. Mothers it would appear will always have great ideas and their experience will allow them the benefits of making sensible decisions and choices especially in dealing with issues. A mother knows her daughter better than anyone else, for this reason she is able to be the biggest support her daughter could ask for throughout the planning months of the upcoming wedding.

Being a mother of the bride is not a hard task, it is however an important one. Planning a wedding can be stressful and emotionally draining, for this reason the biggest part of your duties will include being the biggest support you can be and offer as much help with small details as you can possibly afford to.

The father of the bride has the duty of giving his daughter away. This is a special yet touching moment for most fathers, he now has to give his little girl to another man with hopes that he will do all he can to keep her happy, safe and fulfilled in their new life together. The father of the bride will be the one to see his daughter to the ceremony and, in some cases he may even be the escort for the bridal party. He has the honor of walking her down the isle and handing his precious "little girl" over to her soon to be husband. (Sob..sniff)

Some duties for the mother of the bride will include the following:

  • Parents often hold an engagement party for close family and friends
  • Assists the bride in her hunt for the perfect wedding gown
  • Helps the bride select her bridesmaids attire
  • Chooses her own wedding day attire and confirms that the grooms mother is not going to wear the same color as her
  • The mother of the bride and grooms family work on a suitable guest list
  • Both sides must compile contact information for the guest list
  • Helps the bridal party plan for the wedding shower
    Helps the couple look for reception service providers
  • Parents of the bride are financially responsible for all reception costs, rented transportation, music for the ceremony and reception, flowers and the fee for the officiant.
  • Acts as the contact person for hired wedding co-coordinators
  • Compiles a list of traditions that may need to be included in the wedding (from both sides of the family)
  • Helps with addressing wedding invitations
  • Helps to arrange suitable seating plan to ensure everyone is seated comfortably (this should be done with the grooms parents)
  • Attend the wedding shower and rehearsal
  • Helps her daughter get ready for the wedding
  • Usually sits on the front pew at the ceremony
  • Stands in the receiving line at the reception
  • Greats incoming guest
  • Dance with the father of the bride during the couples first dance
  • May act as hostess of the reception
  • Assists the bride change out of her wedding gown into her going away clothes

Many other ideas may come to your mind now that you have a clear understanding of your duties throughout the planning period. This is just a list of some common areas in which the bride’s mother will usually help out.

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