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Parents of the Groom Areas of Loving Support

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Parents of the Groom Areas of Loving Support

Your son is finally getting married; you probably never thought you would see this day. He has found the woman of his dreams and he is now ready to start a new life as a husband. You have done your part in raising him to be a gentleman; now that he is all grown up, you can finally sit back and stop worrying. As parents of the groom your duties are limited. Unlike the bride’s parents who have a lot of responsibilities, you have very little.

You will need to be a support to your son, guide him and provide him with a positive attitude. For most men, taking the step into married life can be both intimidating and exciting at the same time. For this reason it is very important that you offer your support and keep an open line of communication with him. Although many men are not very expressive, this may be the one time in your son’s life that he will get comfort in talking to you. 

The bride’s family often absorbs most of the financial costs for the wedding. If however, you would like to share the financial responsibilities, it would be appropriate for you to talk to the bride’s parents. In some cases the brides parents can get offended if you get involved with areas they were looking forward to taking care of. Financial assistance is always appreciated and in most cases accepted. Be aware of the financial responsibilities you as the parents of the groom may already be in charge of, this will ensure you won’t take on excessive duties you may not be able to balance together with other support obligations. Here are some areas in which the groom’s parents often help out and get involved


  • Once your son has shared his engagement with you, you should get in touch with the brides family to express your joy. 
  • You may consider hosting an engagement party for the couple, this is a great way to have your family get to know your son’s new fiancée if they don’t already know her
  • Offer your support in finding a suitable reception site
  • Once the couple has decided on the number of guests they want to invite, you may draw up a guest list for the grooms side of the family 
  • The grooms parents most commonly host and pay for the rehearsal dinner

Mother of the groom-

  • You may offer to be one of the main contacts for hired professionals such as a wedding coordinator
  • If you feel as though the couple may want to pull some family traditions into the wedding, talk to them about which ones they may like to include
  • For any upcoming showers, it is nice for the mother of the groom to spread the word to family and friends if there are any stores in which the bride has registered at
  • Mother of the bride will need to attend the wedding shower and bring a nice gift
  • Mother of the groom should consult with the bride’s mother to ensure that they are wearing different color and style in attire the day of the wedding 
  • If there are any outstanding replies that have not yet been sent back, the mother of the groom should check up with those guest to ensure their attendants
  • Stand in the receiving line at the wedding to welcome and greet guests
  • The groom and his mother usually dance together right after the first dance with him and his wife

Father of the groom-

  • Offers any support his son may need
  • Runs wedding related errands for his son
    Father of the groom attends the bachelor party held for his son
  • Prepares a toast to be read at the rehearsal dinner
  • Stands in the receiving line at the reception to welcome and greet guests 
  • Offers a toast at the reception
  • If requested, the grooms father will help hand out last minute payments to service providers
  • Helps his son change from his wedding attire into his going away clothes before he leaves the reception

These are only some of the areas in which the parents of the groom can help out. Your duties may not be traditional but, never the less will be sincerely appreciated by your son his wife and everyone ells that took part in making this event even more special than it already is

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