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Father of the Bride Duties & Responsibilities

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Father of the Bride Duties & Responsibilities


Bride-Father Your little girl is getting married, wow how sweet it is. She is no longer your little girl and no longer need you to chase the boys away. She is all grown up and ready to move on with her adult life. 
For some fathers this can be a time of sadness, a time that will take some getting used to. This is a feeling however that will blow over and change as the big day approaches closer & closer.


All a father usually wants is for their little girl to be happy and cared for respectfully. You as a father, have watched, cared for and protected your daughter through her growing years. Her big step into the real word is right around the corner and all you can do is sit back, enjoy and wish her all the best. You do understand however, that you too took this very same step years ago. Everything worked out, didn’t it?
Throughout the planning months of your daughters’ upcoming wedding you will be faced with many responsibilities. And no, not just financially, you will be included in many special ways. If this is your first daughter getting married and you don’t know a whole lot about your duties in the wedding, then continue reading to get some basic knowledge.
Father of the bride duties-

  • Parents often hold an engagement party for close family and friends
  • The father usually helps the bride locate service providers for the reception
  • He is usually financially responsible for all reception costs, rented transportation, music for the ceremony and reception, flowers and the fee for the officiant.
  • Attends the bachelor party held for the groom
  • Attends the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner
  • Offers a toast to welcome the groom into the family at the rehearsal dinner
  • Offers to drive out of town guests around the day of the wedding
  • Sometimes gets involved with drawing up maps that will be included with the wedding invitations
  • Commonly travels to the ceremony location with his daughter
  • Walks his daughter down the aisle and gives her away
  • Stands in the receiving line and greets incoming guests at the reception
  • Offers a toast at he reception
  • Dances with the mother of the bride while the couple has their first dance
  • Has a dance with his daughter during the reception
  • Enjoy the evening and become a designated driver to those who cannot drive home
  • Must stay until the very end, assist with final details or payments

Wow what a job you have ahead of you. Being your daughters support throughout the planning months will have her look up to you that much more. Once the event has passed and your daughter’s big day a complete success, you can sit back and give yourself a pat on the back. You came very far, and offered as much support as you could. You have helped significantly in making your daughters big day the best day of her life.

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