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Choosing Your Wedding Date
The news of an engagement often come as a surprise for most, after the excitement, tears and warm congratulations, then comes the big question; when is the big day? As if you have had time to actually think of the details among all of your emotions and excitements.
Time To Start Spreading The News
Your engaged, what a warm wonderful life long dream it has been, wow. During this time you will be faced with emotions, anxiety and excitement. Spreading the news to close family members first is the number one priority on your mind. Along with your jitters will come relief from sharing the excitement with others.

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"To love someone deeply gives you strength. Being loved by someone deeply gives you courage."

Lao Tzu

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The Complete Planning Checklist

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Together meet with the clergy and set the wedding date.
Discuss expenses with all concerned (parents of the marrying couple) and establish a firm budget.
Decide on the formality of the wedding and the size of the guest list.
Interview wedding planners or coordinators if you intend to use one.
If you intend on a "different" wedding, begin searching for the perfect location.
Begin your search for reception sites and catering services if they are not included in the reception site package.
If an outdoor affair is planned, make other arrangements for tent rentals etc in case the weather does not hold out.
Shop for your wedding gown, headpiece and veil.
Choose your wedding attendants, and discuss their financial obligations with them.
Select two or three possibilities for your bridal party’s attire, book an appointment to have your bridal party try them on and decide on a suitable option that everyone is satisfied with. Remember to be courteous when making a final decision because your bridal party are the ones paying for their dresses.
Supply your attendants with calendars marked with special dates to keep them informed of appointments and upcoming scheduled events through out this planning time.
Draw up a guest list and ask family for their support and assistance coming up with names for the list.
Interview all vendors needed for the upcoming event, gather contracts and agreements with questions and answers for future reference.
The groom-to-be should select his wedding attendants.
Order invitations with extra envelopes in case a mistake takes place, also be sure of the number you are ordering, to order invitations singly will be more costly then in a package. While ordering invitations, include a supply of thank you stationary.
Have the mother of the bride select her dress then the grooms mother, both outfits should be similar and coordinate nicely with the bridal party.
Accompany your fiancée to the men’s formal wear shop to select a suitable and attractive tux for himself and the grooms men
At this time setting an appointment with a gift registry location is a good idea, due to upcoming showers and parties held for your special occasion
Discussions about honeymoon destination possibilities should be in the air
Make rehearsal dinner reservations at this time to ensure you an opening at your special restaurant or place
Prepare maps and directions to be included in the wedding invitations.
Address all invitations and announcements, they should be ready and mailed out in time for them to arrive four to six weeks before the wedding date.
Check with the post office to see whether they may have fancy stamps and the cost to post your wedding invitations once they are packed with directions and other specifics. You may be charged for extra weight.
Meet with your catering service provider to make last minute decision on the menu and foods for guests with special dietary needs. Also to draw up final agreement of serves and liability costs.
Locate a suitable vendor to create the special wedding cake of your dreams.
Make final plans and invite a group out for the rehearsal dinner that was pre-booked a month prior.
Accommodations must be made at this time for out of town guests.
Ask someone to partake in making the out of town guests comfortable and become helpful to them during their stay.
Contact your florist to make flower and color choices, bring along a sample of fabric to help out when deciding on the perfect shades, colors and style. Enquire about an isle runner and if they can provide one to you.
Finalize honeymoon destination, groom usually books and makes the arrangements.
Hire a transportation service for the bridal and groomsmen parties.
Investigate methods of developing a wedding program sheet that can be distributed to your guests.
Consult with your officiant about restrictions on photography etc during the ceremony.
Ask family or friends if out of town guests can join them for breakfast, lunch or dinner during their stay, express how much this would mean to you, to know they are taken care of
Create a list of people you would like to include should there be a shower help for you
Be sure to tell important and close individuals the stores in which you are registered for bridal gift registry, this will help insure you get what you want from showers or celebrations that could be held for you
Mail your wedding invitations out at this time
Be sure to record all gifts given on the card received with it, this will help you when making thank you notes
Write thank you notes promptly, two months after your return from the honeymoon, all gifts should be acknowledged with a thank you note.
Confirm the date and time set with the officiant for the wedding rehearsal.
Notify family, friends and partaking individuals of the
scheduled time for the rehearsal
If invitations are going to be sent out for the rehearsal dinner this is the time to do so
Plan a get together in honor of your wedding attendants
Buying gifts for your bridal party and attendants.
Select your going away outfit and attire.
Be sure to purchase a guest book for your guests to sign at the wedding.
Enquire if a blood test will be required for the licence.
Get a regular physical examination done and see your dentist during this time before going away.
Make arrangements with any one who may be singing or playing music at the affair to get an idea of music that should be played or sang.
Have a final meeting with the DJ or entertainer to create a selection of music you want played at the reception and clarify what music you want to be played during the entrance, first dance and dance with the parents.
Make final arrangements with your cater and get and idea of what can be served to your photographer, DJ and any other vendors that may need to be fed during dinner. Ask your cater to assign a seat specifically for those individuals that will not be seated among your guests.
Get all the arrangements in order with the reception site and equipment rentals finalized if any are needed.
At this time wedding rings can be chosen and engraved if this has not already been done.
Four weeks before the wedding, set a date with your photographer to have formal pictures taken.
If you are going to send an announcement to the paper this is the time to get the picture ready to be sent out.
Enquire when the picture should be sent into the paper to allow accurate timing.
Selection on party favors, boutonnières or guest gifts can be arranged at this time.
At this time deciding on the perfect cake décor and cake topper will be required.
Put thought into accessibility for elderly and handicap guests, be sure to confirm alternative measures for their entry and maneuvering.
Purchase fake rings to sew on the ring bearers pillow (best man holds the real ones).
Finalize information with photographer set a list of picture you want to be included in your package
Ask a family member to assist your photographer in locating the individuals you wish to have included in your photography pictures.
Keep track of guest responses and special information that’s needs to be remembered (food allergies, transportation, mobility etc.).
Discuss important issues with your fiancé such as the bachelor party (this should be held the week before the wedding).
Final fitting of your gown and wedding party attire, final alterations must be done at this time.
Make final appointment with your hairdresser the day of or before the formal pictures are taken, this will be a good time to review hairstyles and options for the big day.
Final guest count must be provided to your cater and any last minute alterations on the reception menu to be confirmed.
Contact your florist to confirm your flowers have been ordered and your delivery will be on time.
Finalization on transportation for you, your bridal party and the few guests that may need assistance.
Selecting of a wedding gift for each other (the couple) to be a surprise.
Review procedures like the seating plans for the rehearsal dinner or ceremony, place cards should be written up and receiving line positions should be arranged.
Check list on received gifts should be kept up to date and
thank you notes should be distributed promptly
If you are moving away or out of town, be sure to finalize your moving transportation and costs.
Get your marriage license.
Be sure that all wedding party attire is in order and no last minute alterations or fittings are needed.
Completion of wedding announcements and postage must be done at this time to ensure it will be received by you local paper in time.
Name change on documents, bank accounts and other areas can be done at this time.
Confirm and finalize rehearsal dinner plans.
Wrap gifts for your attendants and fiancé, to be presented at the rehearsal dinner
Arrange for gifts received at reception to be brought to a safe place or family members home until your arrival home from the honeymoon.
Any guests who have not responded should be contacted for final head count to confirm their presents or regrets.
Re-check your musical selection and confirm things with your vocalist or musicians.
Arrange a display for received gifts, and a card basket for monitory gifts (ensure the safety of monitory gifts).
If you choose to show others your gifts, make arrangements for your return home and plan a small home coming get together.
Create special thank you notes or small tokens of your appreciation to those who assisted in your wedding plans and did special favors for you. (to be given at rehearsal dinner or upon your arrival back home.
All finalizations should be confirmed with every vendor involved
Begin packing for the honeymoon.
Manicure, pedicure, facial and message.
Rehearsal dinner.
Ushers or groomsmen should be given a list of names of people who should be seated in assigned locations at the ceremony.
Try to have a relaxing bath to calm last minute jitters.
Get your hair, make up and all other fix ups done before getting into your gown
At least two hours before you expect your photographer to arrive begin getting dressed, give yourself plenty of time.
At this time you should take a deep breath and enjoy the rest of your long awaited panned day


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