Sunday, February 25, 2018
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Choosing Your Wedding Date
The news of an engagement often come as a surprise for most, after the excitement, tears and warm congratulations, then comes the big question; when is the big day? As if you have had time to actually think of the details among all of your emotions and excitements.
Time To Start Spreading The News
Your engaged, what a warm wonderful life long dream it has been, wow. During this time you will be faced with emotions, anxiety and excitement. Spreading the news to close family members first is the number one priority on your mind. Along with your jitters will come relief from sharing the excitement with others.

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"Love does not consist of gazing at each other, but in looking together in the same direction."

Antoine de Saint-Exupery

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About Destination Weddings

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Destination weddings are romantic and practical they come with a fare share of benefits, they are great for individuals with family difficulties, limited budgets and for those who simply want an easily planned wedding affair. Tropical islands for one are becoming increasingly popular to marrying couples, holding a wedding affair far away in a tropical setting can seem like a dream come true for most.

Often those with busy careers and sophisticated lives choose to get away with a few close friends and family members to experience the simplicity and warm feeling of a wedding held abroad. A tropical exotic location is a wonderful place to celebrate this event without the long months needed for planning and with an easily planned honeymoon to remember. For others the idea of a stress free wedding is the reason for a destination wedding.
Destination weddings are hassle free and hold very little planning worries on the couples’ behalf; most resorts have package deals dedicated for tropical weddings. Often these resorts have beautifully designed grounds with gardens, gazebos, walks, terraces and other special monuments to contribute to the atmosphere needed to carry of a wedding ceremony and picture taking. Packages usually include the location; flowers, musicians, officiant and photographer. Champaign, wedding cake and accommodations for the evening are included in the reception package. All arrangements are made through the wedding/catering co-coordinator, long distance conferences may be required to discuss fine details such as colors, flowers, music, officiant and so on. If your invited group is large the hotel or resort will usually honor a discounted rate and room service, also an upgrade to your ceremony and reception package to meet your needs if required.
A destination wedding is not for everyone and certainly not for those with close or large family ties. For those with strict family religion traditions a destination wedding may also not be appropriate. However, for those who have no ties, nor obligations this can be a wonderful, peaceful and less stressful experience to remember for a lifetime while keeping the costs minimal.

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