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The Wedding Shower Overview
A wedding shower is a pre-wedding party that usually includes all the women that are close to the bride. Often the bride will attend more than one bridal shower, one thrown by the brides side and the other thrown by the husband-to-be side of the family.
Etiquette of an Engagement Party
Engagement parties are delightful ways of announcing the good news of an engagement. Depending on your circle of friends and family, an engagement party could stem from a casual event to a fully formal function, more than often however an engagement part is more casual and relaxed. This presents an atmosphere for loose fun and interaction.

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"Love does not consist of gazing at each other, but in looking together in the same direction."

Antoine de Saint-Exupery

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Guys Night Out: The Bachelor Party

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The bachelor party, a moment for introductions and formalities between the males. One of the most positive ideas behind this event is the relationship building between the bride & grooms male friends and family prior to the wedding and celebration. It is the responsibility of the grooms men to plan and organize the bachelor party.

The first rule of thumb is to gather your thoughts. Get a sense of what it would take to put together a successful and memorable bachelor party for the groom. This is your time to shine. You want this to be something the groom will always remember however, many brides legitimately so are insecure with the idea of the bachelor party. It is important that as a male friend of the groom or couple that you think responsibly in planning this event. Get a feel from both bride and groom to better understand what they would appreciate as fun. With that said, in planning a bachelor party event, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Interviewing your planning team
  • Working on fund-raising and budget
  • Transportation
  • Entertainment
  • Location
  • Food & drinks

It is important to maintain focus on the purpose of the event. The bachelor party Is to allow for interaction, introductions and engagements between the male company from both the groom and bride's past, present and soon to be acquaintances, friends and families. Preparing yourself ahead of time will do well in making this a
success. Give yourself amplified time to prepare. Use note-papers if you like and gather information and ideas that will help you in the process. Some great ways to determine whether a party will be successful is to relate to your notes, get ideas from the male invites such as their taste in beer, drinks, entertainment and other but, keep in mind this is the grooms night, making him the focus of all attention and introductions are what will determine it's success.

Some Other Great Ideas
Some good ways of commemorating this night may be simpler than you thought. Most men, are still into boyish silly fun.

  1. Maybe games that would occupy the groom's time and distract him could give you the ability to get some good photos to present him with later in an album. Depending on the nature of the photos this could be a good humor moment captured in time.
  2. How about a compilation of old memories that he may have forgotten about? This could be a moment to relive and awaken the spirit of old friendship bond and brotherhood between pals.
  3. Competitive games are always fun between guys as well, a kind of macho thing between the sexes.
    This could be a good way to gang up on the groom for a good old fashion friendly take-down. With cameras in hand this moment is sure to capture smiles and laughter of a moment share between pals new and old prior to the wedding event.

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