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The Wedding Shower Overview
A wedding shower is a pre-wedding party that usually includes all the women that are close to the bride. Often the bride will attend more than one bridal shower, one thrown by the brides side and the other thrown by the husband-to-be side of the family.
Etiquette of an Engagement Party
Engagement parties are delightful ways of announcing the good news of an engagement. Depending on your circle of friends and family, an engagement party could stem from a casual event to a fully formal function, more than often however an engagement part is more casual and relaxed. This presents an atmosphere for loose fun and interaction.

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Girls Night Out: About The Bachellorette Party

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Now that the big day is approaching every one needs to let loose and shake away the tension. A night out with the bridal party will be a great way to relieve the stress and to finally look forward to the day of the wedding. It has been a long planning experience and a new life to look forward to, you and your bridal party really do deserve a night out of fun and laughter.

The idea of a pre-party night with the wedding party to a number of people is pre-conceived as being an event filled with flirting, drinking and other irresponsible "so called fun". Although this has become a common event for the groom and his party, the bridal bachelorette party is commonly done differently and will sometimes include the company of the bride’s mother which in most cases will be enough to dilute the party ideas from being too extravagant.
An evening out with the bridal party is often planned for the weekend or night before the wedding day. This event is not always called a bachelorette party but can be considered as one, even though the women of the event will more than likely take a different approach to the way in which to have fun. Often this will be an evening of movies, pillows and some good old fashion girl talk. Depending on your personality a wild night may be more tempting for you and your bridal party this is ok and can be a blast with the right company.

Bachelorette party
A night out with the ladies close to you, those who have been involved with the planning of your wedding, the wedding party, close friends, mother and sister/s if the night planned is appropriately. The evening can involve dinner, dancing and laughter a night out at a bar or night cub, and sometimes depending on the group, an adult entertainment spot may possibly help to make for the perfect evening out.
Who takes charge
 Well, like the guys it is often the wedding party who plans this type of an evening providing those who are close to you know your limits and understand your comforts.
What to consider before planning
First things first, it is the responsible thing to do for the person planning (commonly the maid of honor and bridemaids) to find out how the bride-to-be feels about the idea of a bachelorette party. Next is to:

  • Get a feel of the brides comfort level to determine what kind of event to plan
  • Gather the opinion of the other bridesmaids as to which date is best suited. 
  • If reservations are required, to be sure to book in advance. 
  • Find out if all parties involved can afford to pay their own way? If not consider others to chip in extra for those who cannot afford it financially.
  • Delegate someone to be a designated driver or plan on an alternative ride home just in case the evening goes a little too well.
  • And most importantly, discuss the limits of the evening as a group with everyone taking the bride-to-be’s best interest in mind.

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