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The Wedding Shower Overview
A wedding shower is a pre-wedding party that usually includes all the women that are close to the bride. Often the bride will attend more than one bridal shower, one thrown by the brides side and the other thrown by the husband-to-be side of the family.
Etiquette of an Engagement Party
Engagement parties are delightful ways of announcing the good news of an engagement. Depending on your circle of friends and family, an engagement party could stem from a casual event to a fully formal function, more than often however an engagement part is more casual and relaxed. This presents an atmosphere for loose fun and interaction.

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Planning The Rehearsal Dinner

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The days are now approaching, it's almost time for the big event. Everything that you have worked so hard to prepare for over the last few months are going to become clear and real within just a few days. The last thing to do is to sit back and wait, but, before that, you will need to rehears the ceremony with your wedding party. This is often fun and exciting due to the fact that everything is finally coming together. Most marrying couples plan a rehearsal dinner which includes the wedding party, family and close friends. Sit back and let loose, enjoy the evening and each other.

The rehearsal dinner should be planned once your ceremony site has set a date for your rehearsal. The rehearsal dinner is meant to be very informal and can be held at a restaurant or private home and should include all individuals taking part in your wedding. Family, close friends, etc.... Invitations are not necessary just a simple phone call will do. Be sure you book reservations as soon as possible to ensure the space required will be available for you and your group.
The rehearsal dinner will probably be the best-suited time to say thanks to those who have been your support; this is also a great time to exchange gifts or tokens of appreciation whether it is a speech or a handshake.
The expense traditionally was taken over by the groom's parents, although, currently more and more couples do not rely on that method. Most commonly in today's society who ever wishes to contribute can do so willingly. Over time the old traditions have faded away but in some cases still exist. Such events and traditions must be determined depending on family values and circumstances.

The whole idea of the day is to have a practice run of your wedding day to ensure the smoothness of the event. From this point on all you have to do is look forward to the new life you will embrace as husband and wife.

Here is a list of parties that should be included in your plans for the rehearsal dinner.

  • -All members of the wedding party and their significant others.
  • -The parents of the bride and groom.
  • -The ceremony officiant and his or her significant other.
  • -Close family or friends.
  • -Grandparents for the bride and groom.
  • -Godparents of the bride and groom.
  • -Any out of town wedding guest who have arrived early.

Anyone else who played a part in your plans that do not fall into the categories above can be invited but keep in mind that this is and should be a very private and intimate event shared between only the closest of individuals to you and your fiancé.
Have you ever considered getting others involved in creating centerpieces, bombonieres and other crafty decorations? Well, this may be the perfect time to get some of those items out of the way with help from your wedding party and others invited to your rehearsal dinner. Before planning this however, be sure you inform your guests of your plans so they are prepared and not surprised. For the most part this is often a success getting a lot accomplished.
For starters, do some research ahead of time to find out what your group can handle in the way of being crafty. Retrieve a few craft books from your local library that may include some wedding favors, the ideas in some of these books may surprise you. Not only will the books give you tips but also give you step by step instructions.

Gather all items needed to make the favors or gifts. Be sure the project you have chosen will not be too difficult and could easily be accomplished the same evening as the rehearsal dinner without extensive work and effort. Make it into a fun game of some sort, this will work wonders for passing the time and adding another fund memory to the occasion.

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