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Cake Fillings and Icing Combinations

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Cake Fillings and Icing Combinations

Choosing the perfect combination for your wedding cake will be discussed between you and the baker you choose to hire. This article was created to give you an idea of what combinations of cake fillings and icings work well together to compliment the flavors you are trying to pull together. 

While there are so many different cake fillings and icings not all work well together. As noted in both articles regarding cake fillings and icings due to storage, temperature and longevity, selecting the perfect ingredients to create the perfect cake takes special consideration that will be decided between you and your baker.
These are some common combinations that work well together.

White Chocolate Sponge Cake > white or chocolate sponge cake can be made very simple yet elegant, filled with chocolate mousse and fresh raspberries the perfect icing being, creamy raspberry flavored buttercream.

  • Chocolate Fudge Cake:
    white chocolate mouse and fresh raspberries give this cake a creamy texture. This cake is best iced with a white chocolate buttercream.
  • White Classic Cake:
    this white pound cake best served with a whipped cream and strawberry filling, an orange buttercream works well as an icing for this cake.
  • Carrot Cake:
    often a favorite, this cream cheese filled layer cake with a hint of orange flavor is superb topping with a vanilla flavored buttercream icing.
  • Creamy Cheesecake:
    always a hit, especially with a mild coffee flavored buttercream icing and covered in a white chocolate Fondant.
  • Sour Cream Fudge Cake:
    with a milk chocolate ganache filling, toasted hazel nuts and a coffee liqueur flavored buttercream icing.
  • Lemon Pound Cake >
    a tangy smooth, lemon curd filled cake. Can by filled with fresh fruit often blueberries, topped with a fresh whipped cream icing.
  • Lemon Cake:
    being filled with fluffy lemon mousse and fresh fruit (blueberries or raspberries) and best topped with a lemon flavored buttercream icing.
  • Orange Blossom Yellow Cake:
    unlike the name, this yellow cake, often filled with a raspberry mousse and a pistachio buttercream icing.
  • Hazelnut Genoise:
    layered white and chocolate ganache washed with cognac and iced with an espresso-flavored buttercream makes this cake a great after dinner desert to
    enjoy over coffee or tea.

Although these are some delicious combinations to keep in mind when deciding on the flavor of your perfect wedding cake, your baker may also be able to offer you some more options. As with any cook, your baker may have a special recipe for you to sample.

One area of special consideration when selecting a wedding cake is whether you know of any wedding guests who may be allergic to any life threatening food allergies most commonly being peanut allergy. To be safe, many couples will choose a nut free cake. If you are aware of a wedding guest who indeed does have an allergy speak to your baker and request a nut free environment for the baking procedure of your wedding cake.

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