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Choosing The Perfect Filling For Your Cake

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Choosing The Perfect Filling For Your Cake

As we all know, food is one of the biggest areas of your wedding that will be talked about amongst your invited guests. Taking the time out to create the perfect menu will include the wedding cake.


The cake filling will be just as important as the design you have or will be choosing to go along with your wedding theme. Keep in mind however not all fillings will be suitable for any cake design. Depending on the structure (size) of the cake special consideration will need to be taken on the filling of the cake. Some filling requires refrigeration and if cake size is a factor, refrigeration may not be possible.

When selecting your cake filling you must consider the flavors already incorporated in your wedding menu. As with your main menu the foods must come together to create an appetizing flavor that your guests will enjoy. Throughout the event your guests will have sampled many different flavors including alcohol and a variety of foods, your guests palettes may become a little dulled by the time your wedding cake is served, for this reason it is important that the cake be bold in flavor.

The first rule of creating a flavorful wedding cake is the ingredients used in preparing the filling. It is suggested to insist on only the freshest and highest quality ingredients be used these being top quality eggs, sugar and sweet butter help to enhance the flavor, also advisable to select fruits that are in season to ensure a stronger fruit taste.

A wedding cake is constructed in layers, most commonly, three layers. There are usually three layers of cake and two of filling for each tier of your wedding cake masterpiece.

The cake filling and icing will need to compliment each other. A good baker should be helpful in offering you some suggestions in choosing the perfect filling to go along with your menu plan, and should also be willing to provide you with a taste testing session.

Moist and tender cake with bold fruity fillings toped with the perfect icing will make your wedding cake one to remember.

Here are some commonly enjoyed cake fillings

  • Fresh Fruit: this filling offers brightness and a fresh taste, commonly used are fresh n strawberries and raspberries in a chocolate or lemon mousse tucked between layers of yellow cake. This filling is a great choice for many cake styles and flavors.
  • Ganache: depending on the proportions of other ingredients incorporated in the wedding cake this wonderful combination of heavy cream and chocolate can be used as a filling or icing on the cake. This mixture adds a very luxurious taste which can be very flattering to your guests palettes.
  • Custard or Pastry Cream: an egg and milk based filling, fluffy and delicate, this is a filling that will need to be kept chilled and does not do to well if made in advance.
  • Buttercream: used as a filling or icing, this combination of hot sugar, sweet butter and either egg whites or yolks can be used. This recipe is hard to get exact in flavor and texture, however, equally delightfull. This rich creamy filling or icing is commonly distinguished by using egg yolk (classic buttercream) for fillings and egg whites (meringue buttercream) for icing the cake.
  • Mousses or Mousselines: mousses can be flavored by fresh fruit and or chocolate (white or dark) this being a great alternative from butter cream filling. This filling can be frozen and if not thawed completely by the time desert is served, the cake will still taste delicious.
  • Whipped Cream: this creamy light fluffy filling can be served between any desired flavors of cake and can also be combined with fruit. Although whipped cream has a delightful light taste it does not do well sitting for extended periods of time and should not be exposed to warm temperatures.
  • Fruit Jam: offering a sweet thin layer between white or chocolate cake make for a simple yet elegant after lunch or dinner desert.

With a better idea of cake fillings you must also consider what icings go best with the cake you have decided on. Not all combinations work well with each other so continue learning and read our article on cake icings to get more knowledge on the perfect cake for you wedding.

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