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The Wedding Cake Cost & What to Expect

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The Wedding Cake Cost & What to Expect

Wedding cakes unlike any other, take time and patients to create. For a baker, making a wedding cake is like working on a piece of fine art in which the outcome should be exquisite. Everything from the filling and icing combination to the style and size of cake will determine the cost of your desired wedding cake.

Most couples are surprised at the cost of the wedding cake, but must keep in mind that the wedding cake is a very important element of the wedding reception.

The cost of your wedding cake will depend on how many guests you will be feeding and the ingredients needed to create your desired cake. The simpler your cake is the less expesive it will be. If you have decided on a cake with lots of hand made suger decorations or flowers you can guarantee the cost going up due to the time needed to make it all come together. The fancier the cake is the more time it will take to make, time is money! As for cake icing, choosing butter cream over fondant will be less expensive. Choosing fruit fillings that are in season is also suggested for freshness and cost.

Depending on your baker, the cost of the wedding cake may be based on the cake style or number of slices needed to feed your wedding guests. You can expect to pay anywhere between $2.00 to $20.per slice of cake.

Delivery is usually an extra charge; inquire ahead of time so you know how much will be added to your final payment. Bakers usually require 20 to 50 % upon booking with the remaining due within weeks before the big day.

A cutting fee may be charged by the caterers or the hall if your cake is made through an outside baker of your choice. This charge can be as much as $3.50 per slice. The cake cutting cost may be included in your contract, this charge is often negotiable with your catering company.

If your wedding cake will be displayed on a plate or platter, the cost of it will be included in your overall wedding cake cost calculated by the baker. Consider this ask your baker to show you what your wedding cake will be sitting on and request that you not be charged. Visit some of your local antique or second hand shops and try to locate a similar dish that may suit your cake just right. This can possibly help in cutting down the cost of your wedding cake by a few bucks.

Save some money by ordering the cake of your dreams in a smaller size for display purpose only. Have your baker make a second, less fancy cake for cutting and serving to your guests. This is often a great way to save a large portion of your wedding cake budget. Going this rout you can choose what ever style cake you want without worrying about the expense, a smaller cake means less time to make and there for less money. Your wedding guests will never know that they are eating a different cake then the one that was on display. 

Creating a smaller cake to feed the same number of guests by simply cutting the slices in half and adding ice cream on the side is also an easy way to cut the cost of your wedding cake budget.

Here is a summery of costs relating to your wedding cake

  1. Cost per slice to feed your wedding guests
  2. The fancier the cake the more money it will cost you
  3. Butter cream verses fondant icing
  4. Delivery fee from baker to reception location
  5. Cutting fee charged by catering company
  6. Saving some money by purchasing your own plate or platter for your wedding cake to be displayed on
  7. Cut costs by having a smaller "fancy display cake" and a large simple cake to serve to your wedding guests
  8. Request that the cake slices be cut smaller to feed more guests with a smaller size wedding cake and serve with ice cream

The wedding cake will be served after a fabulous meal, it is often considered as the topping to the evening. Your wedding cake will compliment the entire event so try not to focus on the cost. It is one area of your wedding that cheaper may not be better.

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