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Things to Consider When Hiring a Baker

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Things to Consider When Hiring a Baker

Choosing the perfect wedding cake and hiring the baker may be one of the more fun areas involved in your wedding plans. As with the wedding gown, the wedding cake is often admired through bridal magazines, because of this; many brides have a good idea of the wedding cake style that interests them most.

During the initial visit to a professional wedding cake baker, you will be asked many questions regarding your big day, all these question will be helpful to the baker in assisting you find the cake of your dreams. It is important to keep an open mind when selecting your wedding cake. Only the wedding cake baker will best know what will work with your wedding theme and time of year your wedding will be held. The number of attending guest will also play a big part in the cake style you choose.


Here is a checklist that may be helpful when hiring a wedding cake baker
Locating professional wedding cake bakers:

  1. This can be done through the Internet or word of mouth. Many professional bakers have photos of their work displayed on their web site. Word of mouth is also a great way to find a reliable baker to hire so ask around or search the Internet.

Make an appointment:

  1. It is wise to set up a few appointments with different bakers to get an idea of their price range and the style of cakes they provide.
  2. Do not wait too long to finalize this decision as most professional bakers book as much as a year in advance.
  3. Shopping around will ensure you peace of mind that the cake style and price range offered is fair.
  4. Be sure to have the details of your wedding handy including the wedding date or season, banquet hall or reception location, and the number of guests expected to attend the reception.
Give the baker an opportunity to offer ideas and suggestions:
  1. Every wedding cake is unique based on style, flavor and size preferences. Providing the professional baker with some details regarding your wedding will help them in creating the perfect cake for the occasion.
  2. It is important for the baker to know what time of year the wedding will be held, some cakes do not hold up well in warm temperatures.
  3. Reception location, if the wedding cake requires refrigeration will there be a large enough fridge to hold the size cake being ordered.
  4. Have your wedding theme color handy, perhaps a swatch of your bridesmaid dress fabric. This will help the baker visualize a color pallet for the wedding cake.
  5. If you have a particular flower being used in your bouquets, bring one along or provide a picture so the baker can consider whether the cake should include a flower design to match your wedding flower theme.

Viewing the wedding cake baker’s work:

  1. The appointment you have set up with the baker should include, viewing the work of previously crafted cakes through photographs or displays.
  2. Ensure by inquiring that the examples represented are indeed previously created cakes the baking staff have worked with. Some bakers will show you pictures of cake styles that have not necessarily been created or made by the company you are interviewing. It is always wise to order a cake that the baker has worked with in the past.

Inquire about freshness:

  1. Many wedding cakes take a few days and as much as a week to complete.
  2. Some bakers will make the cake weeks in advance and freeze it until the upcoming wedding date. This is not suggested, as the wedding cake is one of the most desired treats being served at the wedding, and so, complete freshness is important.
  3. You are in charge, so make this inquiry and request that the cake is made as close to the wedding date as possible.
  4. Request that only fresh, high quality ingredients are used in the preparation of your wedding cake, you will taste the difference.

Sampling different cakes with a taste test:

  1. To finalize your decision on what cake filler to order, a taste test is usually offered by the baker to allow you to sample your options.
  2. This taste test may be available to you the same day of your initial appointment or a second visit may be scheduled for you.
  3. During this visit you will have the opportunity to sample many different cakes filling and icing combinations that the baker has to offer.
  4. This visit should not be done alone, involve your fiancée and consider all hesitations.

Other fine details:

  1. Does your wedding cake require refrigeration? If so, inquire what time the cake will be delivered and if a large fridge will be needed at the reception location to keep cold.
  2. Who will deliver the wedding cake? If a delivery service is used do they have experience delivering wedding cakes? Will there be a refrigerated truck delivering the wedding cake if the cake requires refrigeration?
  3. Will the cake (depending on size) require assembling at the reception? If so, who will be in charge of doing it? How soon before guests arrive will the cake be assembled?
  4. Who will cut the cake? Will there be an extra charge for the cake to be cut if this service is not provided by the baker?

Confirm everything in writing:

  1. Now that you have confirmed all the details and are about to hire the wedding cake baker get everything in writing.
  2. Confirmation of wedding cake filling and icing combination, style (drawing or picture) of the cake you have chosen, size (dimensions), delivery details including where, what time and who will deliver the cake. Finally the price including delivery.


  1. Normally a deposit is required up front to reserve the service you are hiring.
  2. This deposit is often calculated based on a percentage of 20 to 50 % of the overall wedding cake cast.
  3. The remaining payment is usually required before the wedding cake is made, often in the final weeks approaching the wedding.

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