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The Wedding Cake's "Icing on Top"

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The Wedding Cake's "Icing on Top"

Most couples have an idea of the wedding cake designs that interests them visually before hiring a baker to complete the job. From fancy to simply elegant, each cake takes special consideration when deciding on colors, designs and flavors.


A professional baker will be able to assist you in choosing the right ingredients best suited for the cake of your dreams. Try not to get your hopes up on fillings and flavors until you’ve spoken to a baker. Consideration should be taken when creating your cake, is flavor or design more important to you on your special wedding day? Some cake designs require different standing requirements then the various fillings available, such as refrigeration and or freezing. Some icing’s are very sweet, and so, also adding a sweet filling could ruin what could have been a dream wedding cake.

Discussing your cake design and flavor preferences with a professional wedding cake baker should help you in choosing the perfect ingredients that will accommodate the look you are after.

Here are some icing’s commonly used on wedding cakes to either cover the cake completely or create decorations.

Royal Icing: this pure white icing dries to a hard consistency and is used to create delicate designs such as beading and lace. This is a perfect example of an icing that cannot be refrigerated nor left in humid temperatures. Choosing a cake filling that would not require refrigeration is advisable.

Buttercream: also used, as cake filling this creamy textured recipe is great for piping and borders, buttercream is a great combination for most cakes. Although this icing sounds great keep in mind that it has a high butter content and so does not hold up well in hot or warm temperatures, this recipe can be refrigerated.

Fondant or Rolled Chocolate: this is a melted chocolate that dries to a hard consistency and may be used to cover your cake completely. Fondant is a commonly used icing for wedding cakes, ingredients include chocolate and corn syrup or glucose, which creates a smooth satiny finish to the cake. Surprisingly fondant or rolled chocolate holds up well in warm weather, however cannot be refrigerated, this will limit the ingredients used in the filling. Fondant may be colored and will offer your guests with a fine chocolate taste. This icing is perfect for preserving the freshness of the cake and allows for the cake to be made days in advanced.

Marzipan : this is an icing that forms as the Fondant dries, however it has a few differences. Marzipan is made with an almond paste, which provides an exquisite taste usually used to create designs of flowers and sculptured fruit. This icing creates a hard covering that makes it difficult to cut, and so not usually used to cover a cake completely. If the cake filling you have chosen requires refrigeration you may put this icing in the fridge, unlike the Fondant, however the look of the cake if covered completely in this icing could get ruined if refrigerated.

Hopefully this article will help you with some of the common names for icing choices you have for your wedding cake. Creating your wedding cake recipe should not be done alone, you will get helpful suggestions from the baker you choose to hire. The baker will ask you questions and get an idea of your style tastes, and preference. These are not decisions you will make alone, so don’t sweat it!

If you would like to learn more about cake filling and icing combinations please read our article cake filling and icing combinations.

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