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The Officiant: Tips on Providing Gratitude

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The Officiant: Tips on Providing Gratitude

Your ceremony is the most important part of your wedding day. The wedding ceremony is an exchange of vows and rings done before a clergy, Officiant or judge. We will use (“Officiant” as our term for reading) There are no specific guidelines for showing gratitude to the Officiant who marries you. The type of gratitude you provide will more than likely depend on your relationship with place of worship you have chosen to do your exchange of vows.

Officants should not be tipped, however, a monitory gift with a sincere thank you note is often much appreciated. Aside from the routine charges for the use of the ceremony site an amount should be set aside in an envelope and given the officiant in privacy by the best man once the ceremony is through, however, in some cases this fee may already be included in the cost of the site.

To determine a suitable amount can sometimes become a problem if you are not aware of the amount usually given. Depending on the history you hold with your officant and the amount of work he/she has provided to you, you may want to base your contribution on these factors. Another way to find out what may be appropriate is to contact the Officiant secretary or a recently married couple and enquire about the suitable amount to give. In most cases however, the accurate amount will lie between $50.to $300.or $400.00, this amount will depend on the lavishness of the celebration.

There are cases in which monitory gifts are not to be accepted, for those individuals a gift of appreciation is suitable. Be sure to invite the officiant, clergy or judge and his/her spouse to the rehearsal dinner and wedding reception.

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