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Some Important Questions for the Ceremony Site

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Some Important Questions for the Cermony Site

The ceremony location will be the place where you and you spouse will be officially be wed. It will be the place where emotions flare, vows read, and the important questions asked and answered. You may already have the place in mind and is fully familiar with the ceremony procedures and details of the location. Even if this is the case, there may still be small details that will deserve answers in order for you to ensure there is a clear understanding between yourself, the officiant and the rules of the location.

Here are a few questions that may come in useful to ask the location for your ceremony:

  • When can we schedule a rehearsal for the ceremony?
  • What is the sum of fee or honorarium appreciated for performing the ceremony?
  • How early should the ushers be in attendance in order to seat guests?
  • Are there any other ceremonies being performed before or after ours?
  • May we write or choose sections of the ceremony, such as our vows or favorite religious passages?
  • Can we include our families or ethnic traditions?
  • When and where do we sign the marriages certificate and how many witnesses are required?
  • Are there any restrictions on wedding attire?
  • What is any are the additional fees for using the site?
  • Must all readings be of a religious nature?
  • What type of mic will the Officiant be using? (Important to determine if it will have associated errors by interfering with the reception of the mics worn by the couple for the video)
  • Are there Prohibitions on photography and Videography during the ceremony?
  • Are our guests allowed to throw rice or other within the sanctuary or outside on the steps?
  • Is there a place for the bride and bridesmaid to freshen up for the ceremony?
  • Are you able to provide us with suggestions on how to include children or special guests in the ceremony?
  • Where can we hold the receiving line?
  • Will the wedding ceremony be announced on a bulletin board or printed program? (This will make it easy for your guest to follow)
  • Are there particular restrictions on music for the ceremony?
  • Is there a place for the receiving line and where is it located?
  • Are there any accessories provided? (Candelabra, chuppah, pew decorations, aisle runner)
  • Can we use a tape or CD player for music and is the site able to provide this?

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