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"There is no more lovely, friendly and charming relationship, communion or company than a good marriage."

Martin Luther

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Personalizing Your Ceremony Readings & Vows

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Personalizing Your Ceremony Readings & Vows

The reading will of coarse be religious even if it is slightly different from the commonly heard readings of other weddings. Not everyone wants to do things the same way. If you would like to add a more personalized touch to your wedding ceremony by adding or doing customized changes to the readings, vows etc., be sure to debate your decision clearly with your significant other and the clergy or Officiant. Recycling standard readings are fine but if you do decide to make some changes discuss this with your clergy or Officiant to confirm that this is ok and acceptable within the religious group you are marring within. If you are unsure of where to start ask your Officiant for a list of recommended readings.

Most readings focus on marriage and forever togetherness. As well if you are familiar with any passages that are favored by you consider including one in your reading. Again any changes or curiosity you may encounter about your ceremony and readings should be discussed with your Officiant ahead of time.

Many couples feel as though they would like to acknowledge the debt to their parents. This may be done by including special readings, prayers and/or poems that focuses primarily on family themes. Creativity can make your wedding day a day different than all others in the eyes of your guests and will ultimately prove satisfying in your memories. Changing common readings and adding family appreciation will help to create the wedding ceremony of your dreams and continue to touch your heart in memories.

Personalized vows:
Although traditional vows are regularly used, formalizing your commitment with something unique may intrigue you even more. Consider writing your own vows. Include areas that are meaningful to you or something specifically geared toward your relationship or situation. Traditional wedding vows are definitely meaningful as well but, personalizing them may touch your heart and be remembered as a token of sincerity during the ceremony.

Writing your own vows are ok within some religious groups but be sure to check with your Officiant before putting pen to paper and getting caught up with your emotions. In some cases this is not acceptable and will not be approved by the person who will be marrying you. Check with your clergy or Officiant before getting started to find out what will be acceptable. In most cases however, this is not a problem.

You’ve got the go-ahead, now what? Well now its time for you and your fiancée to do a little soul searching. The reason for this is so you can both come up with the perfect words to express the heartfelt emotions you wish to convey in your ceremonial vows.

Not sure where to start? Answering these questions will give you to gain enough valuable material to help in developing your vows.

Answer these questions (for both of you)

  • Define, as a couple what love, trust, commitment, marriage, family and togetherness mean to you both.
  • Describe how you both met.
  • List one of the first things you admired about your fiancée
  • What are some of the similar interests you both share in terms of hobbies and goals
  • Discuss the differences or similarities you both experienced in terms of family and/or childhood. 
  • What event says the most about your development as a couple
  • List and special songs, poetry or books that are cherished or meaningful to you both.
  • Do you both share the same religious background, if so, is there a special or meaningful passage that means a lot to you both.
  • Goal setting as a couple, what do you see for the future, family, change, religion, mutual respect and tolerance in a relationship

And finally uses these simple blueprint statements to pull it all together

  • Describe in your own words what you believe your futures together will be like.
  • Consider life’s changes and growth together as you construct your vows; this will help you to add realistic statements that shows the strength of your personal commitments as defined in your own words.
  • Add what you feel would be a blessing in terms of achievements and family.

Gathering the right words to express your emotions for a ceremony vow can be difficult especially if you are not quiet sure what a wedding vow is suppose to sound like. Take some time out to investigate traditional vows, this will give you a better knowledge about the content of a ceremony vow and how your words can be used to create exactly what you want. There is no right or wrong way to create a ceremony vow; it’s all up to you in the way it sounds and the message it sends. Beware; you will need plenty of paper and lots of patients, unless of coarse you are a born poet. Many drafts will probably be crumbled and tossed before coming close to the perfect words used for putting together your personalized vows which are to be read openly to the one you love.

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