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General Floral Introduction & Wedding History

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General Floral Introduction & Wedding History

Flowers are nature’s way of decorating the world. From an elaborate affair to a New Age interpretation, you must admit, weddings would not be the same without flowers. With the enormous variety of flower types and arrangement styles for décor, bride and groom are enabled to find beautiful, unique, and somewhat personal ways of incorporating flowers into their accessories, attire, theme, and overall décor scheme.

Flowers are a crucial and important part of most wedding style, whether you decide on hiring a floral designer to decorate and transform your ceremony or reception site into the garden of beauty or, choose to creatively craft your own centerpieces and bouquets, your floral arrangements help to say a lot about your wedding image while playing it’s role in making for a memorable addition to the event.

Thoughtout the ages, brides and their attendants wore flowers in their hair. Rosemary symbolizing the spirit of rememberance. Myrtle was important for as far back as ancient greece and was believed accosiated with Aphrodite (goddess of love) regain popualrity in early Victorian times representing the constancy of the lover's emotion and tyes

You will most likely start considering flowers soon after choosing your wedding location and dress. Many brides choose to have their wedding take place in and around the date of their favorite flower season. Flowers have been well adapted in society as a beautiful and freshly scented accent to space and surroundings, in our home, at an event or even in the garden.

As we already know, the flowers for your event works to magically enhance the wedding atmosphere but are sadly short-lived, they can still however make powerful keepsakes. Flowers were named in early times to give a sense of meaning to various types by way of emotions, spirit, experience, thoughts, expressions etc, they became important references for much of the century. The meaning of different flowers may move you to include them in your celebrated event. Click Here for a list of some commonly used wedding floral along with their meanings and season.
Early Wedding Couple.
Bride with long stemmed
Colla Lily

Whatever the decision for your event location, indoor or outside, your floral presentation will be one of the most important aspects of your wedding scheme. Choose your floral designer carefully. Start by asking the right questions, understanding the contract, informing them of your floral budget, indicate any significant representations you would like and make sure they are fully informed way ahead of the event about all areas and your expectations.

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