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Some Important Questions to Ask a Florist

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Important Questions to Ask a Florist

Floral as discussed in previous articles, are a very important part of your wedding presentation at the ceremony & reception site. It is for these very reasons that you choose wisely when deciding on your florist or designer. Having a clear mutual understanding between you and your florist will make things a lot easier for you and the florist as things progresses. Typically, florists ask for a 50 percent deposit when the contract is signed, the balance is usually due the week of the wedding. 
These and other terms should be in the contract, as should other specific details about:

  • The number and descriptions of all arrangements with individual prices
  • The date, place and time that the flowers will be delivered and set up for the event
  • Any rental fees for accessories or decorations that will be provided by the florist along with pickup details
  • Any and all additional labor charges, taxes or fees due with date.


Asking the right quesions is a good way of ensuring you and your florists are on mutual grownds of understanding however, remember, the florist may have questions of their own to help them in determining compatability between their offers and your expectations.


  1. Is a consultation or estimate free of charge? If a charge is applied, will it be deducted from my total if I decide on useing your services?
  2. Are you able to provide me with photos from some of your previous wedding arrangements with references?
  3. Are you familiar with the flowers that will be in season on the date of my wedding? 
  4. Will you require corrisponce with any of the other vendors providing me with services?
  5. Are you able to import particular flowers by request should my preference not be in season and if so, how will that affect my budget?
  6. Understanding my budget, the season and style preference of my wedding, what types of flowers would you recommend?
  7. Are there any particular flowers that I should avoid and what are the reasons?
  8. What colors would you suggest for my wedding décor and presentation?
  9. Do you offer package deals on your services?
  10. Do you have a chart of colors, styles and prices that you could provide me with to look over?
  11. Will you need to book a meeting to view my ceremony and reception site in advance?
  12. Do you offer any other decorations?
  13. Are you able to provide me with a sample arrangement?
  14. When will the flowers be delivered and assembled?
  15. Who will be making the floral delivery and is there an emergency phone number to call on the day of the wedding?
  16. Can the flowers be delivered to specified locations?
  17. What type of guarantee can you offer me that the flowers will be fresh?
  18. Should the specified flowers ordered not be available on my wedding day, what substitutes will be offered and how is it handled?

As the wedding day approaches closely, remember to give your florist a list of key contact people involved in your wedding or closely tied (bridal consultant, parents, bridal party, reception site) along with contact name and number, this will avoid you from having to play the middle person if there is a need to get in touch with them.

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