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Having a Home Reception Catered

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Having a Home Reception Catered

 Making the decision to have an at home catered wedding reception for some is to save on the cost of on-site locations, for others it is simply a matter of choice. After putting serious consideration and thought into addressing particulars, having a home catered affair is being done by more couples that find the location to be an ideal setting for the event. In either case space is an important factor to consider;

  • Will you be renting 
  • Does the home have enough space to accommodate your guests comfortably in seating, socializing and parking? 
  • Will there be enough space to allocate a dance floor? 
  • Are there enough washrooms to deter extensive line ups? 
  • Are you comfortable with having guests in and about the home or will you be allocating a specific space for the function and how will this area be controlled?
  • What time of day will the event be catered for and what is the expected whether forecast?
  • Is the home in a remote or residential location?

The Choice Between a Chef Or Caterer
The main difference between a chef and a caterer is that a chef is there only for the time needed to prepare the meals for your guests and will use your facilities and equipments to do so. A caterer or catering service may still use your kitchen for preparation will commonly bring in most of the food prepared and ready to be served.

The kitchen in your home might be equipped to accommodate a professional chef to allow him or her the space and utilities needed to prepare and serve the meals, but if your event is to accommodate a large group of people then a catering service will require the use of industrial size equipments and kitchen space that will not be available in your kitchen, in this case the alternative will be to have the meal prepared at a separate location and brought in.

Another advantage of a catering service in home will likely be the overseeing of the complete coordination, staffing, setup and cleanup of all items related to food and drinks.

Making the preliminary preparations with your chosen catering service will ensure that you will have nothing to worry where catering is concerned and be open to enjoying your reception at home in the company of family, friends and best wishers.

Using Other Available Resources to Cater
Catering at home may provide the convenience of having a majority of the work done overnight by family and friends in preparation for the main event. Maybe you’ve got an aunt or uncle who is superb in the kitchen or a cousin who just happens to be an excellent wine maker, though these may seem tempting to cut cost there are other areas that would need to be considered such as; the expense of making your home event-ready. If your choice is to have a catering service at home there are a number of catering services that is able to accommodate your request after, some initial inspection and answered questions. 
Supplies Needed To Cater at Home
Other things for you to consider are the supplies needed for this type of location that may otherwise be at a standard location site;

  • Glassware
  • Tents
  • Tables
  • Chairs
  • Linens
  • Lighting
  • Portable bars
  • Flatware
  • Dishes
  • Serving ware
  • Décor
  • Stoves/ovens
  • Cooling equipments

In some cases the home catering service may provide most if not all of the above items as part of their fee, you may still find that on-site catering charges broken down is very close in cost when compared to all the added in home expenses, the shuffle of your home from high traffic in and around the yard and the stress of getting the home event-ready. After weighing all this, your decision may be to select a more appropriate venue for better control and to gain more economically. If your decision is to have a home catered event after understanding the pros and cons and having the resources available to you in the way of supplies and services then, having a home catered wedding reception could be very economical. Make sure that the catering service that you choose will agree to work with you on ideas to ensure your guests are seated and catered to in the most efficient way available. 

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