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Options For Bar Services

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Options For Bar Services

The options of a cash bar or an open bar is totally up to you and your opinion. The two types of bar styles can do one of either: cost you far more or way less.
Here are some things that can help you to decide on what may suit your interests more.
Cash bar is popular but only to those who find it OK to have their guest pay for their own liquor. Some say it doesn't look right ask your guests to pay for their own alcohol after they have contributed
in their own way to your big event. All other non alcoholic beverage are free to your guest, you will probably have a flat fee for regular beverages charged to your bill or included in your contract.
Open bar, gives your guests the flexibility of drinking all night for free, this can be very expensive on your total bill and it will give your guests the opportunity to get intoxicated which you don't exactly want. Keep in mind your guests will also probably waist a lot of unfinished drinks due to the fact that it is of no cost to them. While the gesture is good to add to your guests convenience and enjoyment, there are these few things you can keep in mind when deciding on the type of bar you wish to have open that night.

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