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Constructing a Gift Registry
  Most couples preparing for marriage are also preparing for a new life together, this means moving in together and starting their journey as husband and wife. Aside from the obvious emotional part of living together there are many other things that are involved in moving in such as the little necessities that will make their space a place to call home. 
About Wedding Shower & Engagement Gifts
  Engagement presents are usually given only by close relatives and intimate friends upon the announcement of an engagement and in most cases are exclusively for the bride... 

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"To love someone deeply gives you strength. Being loved by someone deeply gives you courage."

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About Wedding Shower & Engagement Gifts

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Engagement presents are usually given only by close relatives and intimate friends upon the announcement of an engagement and in most cases are exclusively for the bride... 

More on Engagement Party Gifts
This gift is sometimes given at a small dinner, luncheon or party where the guests may want to give a gift. Depending on the amount of gifts given at this function, the bride-to-be may open them as part of the festivities to have everyone share in the feeling of appreciation. If the party is however of an extravagant nature then, gifts should not be opened as this may cause embarrassment to those guests that may not have brought a gift.


Wedding Shower Gifts
Your culture or custom may rule that the shower gift be equivalent to the wedding present, if this is the case and your guests are aware of it, then you may find that some guests attending the shower will provide gifts and therefore should probably not be expected to bring another to the wedding. Depending on your custom gifts given to the bride at the shower should not be elaborated. Traditional shower gifts as was in older days were handmade for the occasion; these gifts are considered special and are treasured for long after the wedding. A shower gift should be appropriate to the shower theme should one be in play. Depending on the theme of the shower; kitchen, bathroom, bedroom etc. the gift can be chosen to suit the theme.

-Is it considered appropriate to have a gift shower for a bride that was previously wed?
Society may stipulate that if the bride was previously wed then another shower would not be necessary. The wedding shower is a moment for the bride-to-be to celebrate the news of her engagement with those she holds dare. The to-be-wed couple might have been independent for a number of years and may already be equipped with the basic necessities. In this case, the theme of the shower might be more towards; garden, food or entertainment. Other than the closest of friends the list of invited individuals should be made up to not include the individuals that were previously invited to the shower of the first marriage but is still invited to the wedding.

-When should you give a thank-you note?
Thank-you notes are wonderful ways to extend on appreciation to the guests that attended and or provided gifts. Sending a thank you note to the guests will show them sincere thanks for their part in making the event an even more special one. Though thank-you notes are not mandatory and the bride may write one if she wishes, still doing so will be much appreciated by her guests especially the gift givers who were not present at the shower to receive special thanks from the bride in person.

-If a guest cannot be present at the shower, should they still send a gift?
If a guest that was invited to the shower cannot attend due to one reason or another, it is not obligatory for that person to send a gift in their place. They may still however wish to depending on their relationship with the bride and, in this case the gift should be sent directly to the bride and not from the store it was purchased. This would indicate that time and care was taken to select and ensure delivery of the gift. This step would be with the exception that the gift was purchased within the bride's local area and, the donor's location is out of town. In either case, the gift should still be accompanied by a card or note of best wishes and regrets signed by the person/s sending it.

-When is an appropriate time to open a shower gift?
Opening shower gifts traditionally should be done at the shower where guests can be thanked in person but, the bride will determine if it's appropriate depending on the crowd, mood and type of gathering.
Your event may be an extravagant event in which case, there might be guests attending that did not bring a gift (highly uncommon but it happens) Their intent could be to present one at the wedding instead. This is ok and, opening the other number of gifts may leave them feeling embarrassed and uncomfortable. To avoid this, leaving the gifts unopened may be a good idea. Making a general announcement thanking everyone for their gift and best wishes would do the job instead. 
If the shower is of a smaller attending audience and at a less formal location maybe a friends or relatives home, the scenario might be the same but the moods may be more social and humor will dilute any discomfort that may come from not bringing a gift. In most cases the shower guests would be attending the event with a gift as this is the hole reason for a "wedding shower". The above statement should only be considered an alternative plan should the situation be present otherwise, opening gifts and thanking guests in person during and after is the way to go.

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