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Constructing a Gift Registry
  Most couples preparing for marriage are also preparing for a new life together, this means moving in together and starting their journey as husband and wife. Aside from the obvious emotional part of living together there are many other things that are involved in moving in such as the little necessities that will make their space a place to call home. 
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  Engagement presents are usually given only by close relatives and intimate friends upon the announcement of an engagement and in most cases are exclusively for the bride... 

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"There is no more lovely, friendly and charming relationship, communion or company than a good marriage."

Martin Luther

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Saving Tips and Ideas on Wedding Favors

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Guests in almost all traditions look forward to receiving a gift of thanks from the wedded couple. This gift is generally known as a wedding favor; it is a small token of sincere thanks and is usually symbolic to the wedding. In many cases the wedding favor is personalized and meant to be a reminder of holy matrimony between a man and women. A wedding favor is usually given to the women of each family in attendants. The favors are commonly given out just before the guests take their seats at the reception. 

Through out the planning process of a wedding, some guests will possibly be included in the pre-wedding parties or gatherings. Guests find a wonderful sense appreciation in the gesture of a wedding favor given, this gift of a favor to your guest is a wonderful way to send sincere thanks in the form of a gift to be kept as a souvenir item.

Wedding favors do not have to break your budget. They come in many styles and varieties, from large to small. Depending on your taste a wedding favor can range in price from inexpensive to a small fortune. Although a favor is not given out to every person attending the wedding, one should be given to the woman representing that family. One per household is a common guideline. 

Your search for a wedding favor may be hard especially if you are looking for something in particular or within a specific price range. There are companies and stores that assemble wedding favors for your convenience; this may cost you more than making them yourself. If you are a patient person wedding favors can easily be put together by you and the company of some fun individuals. 

Creatively considered
If you decide to create your own wedding favors, you will probably consider different options as gifts. Though we are all familiar with commonly seen gift favors such as shot or wine glasses, candleholders and ceramics, you may want to be a little different. Consider a hobby of yours, perhaps cooking. Create interesting recipe cards or a set of chop sticks tied together with a mesh bag; this could include some special seasoning or a few of your favorite candies.

For the entertaining type, an interesting wine stopper may do the trick perfectly. Potpourri can be bundled in small decorative sacks and used as a bathroom or closet air freshener. As you can see the list can continue, just put some thought into the things you and your fiancée enjoy and see you both can come up with some interesting ideas. The cost of labor to construct each wedding favor may cost you a dollar or so more if you hire someone to do the job for you, doing it yourself will definitely help to keep your expenses low in this area.
Tasty Favors
We all enjoy eating so why not make wedding favors that are eatable. Some traditions arrange for their wedding cake to be cut up into small pieces and placed into small cake boxes. These small boxes containing bite size pieces of the wedding cake are then handed out to the guests. This is a nice tasty wedding favor that most guests are satisfied with. A small bottle of Maple syrup, or a small sack filled with fresh coffee beans decorated with ribbon and some candy can be considered. Here is a list of just a few eatable wedding favors you could consider. Some of these ideas may seem great but, be sure to think of the cost between a basic wedding favor and the eatable favor you are considering if budget is your reason for researching these options.
Buy bulk
Buying in bulk is always the best way to shop. Most of us don’t shop in bulk on an everyday basis but when you want to economize this is the best way to go. Commonly, wedding favors are dressed up with ribbon and a mesh bag of candy. These sacks of candy act as an added touch to the enhancement of appearance for the favors. If you are buying pre-made wedding favors you won’t need to worry about this as favors usually come decorated this way. Making your own favors? Consider buying the candy from a bulk food store. The ribbon and mesh needed can be bought from your local party supplier; this is a smart way to shop and save money. Assembly is very strait forward, cut the mesh into equal size squares, place a few candies in the center of each square and gather the material at the top, now tie it together with pre-cut pieces of ribbons and your done. Wasn’t that easy? You did it!

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