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Constructing a Gift Registry
  Most couples preparing for marriage are also preparing for a new life together, this means moving in together and starting their journey as husband and wife. Aside from the obvious emotional part of living together there are many other things that are involved in moving in such as the little necessities that will make their space a place to call home. 
About Wedding Shower & Engagement Gifts
  Engagement presents are usually given only by close relatives and intimate friends upon the announcement of an engagement and in most cases are exclusively for the bride... 

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"Love does not consist of gazing at each other, but in looking together in the same direction."

Antoine de Saint-Exupery

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Thank-You notes, Information & Guide

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Thank-You Notes, Information & Guide

Thank-You notes are very special ways of showing thanks and appreciation to a guest that attended, contributed or assisted in any way to help make the wedding celebration an even more special one. It is an acknowledgment that is well worth the time and effort given. Than-you notes can take any form but –should be prompt. This is should be especially done if the gift was sent via mail or delivery as the person sending could not do so themselves but felt the need to contribute non-the-less. This will let the sender know that the gift was received on time and in good condition. It is a rather good idea to personalize these than-you notes by handwriting signed by the couple and sent to each donor independently.

When should thank–you notes be written and sent?
In the middle of everything finding time to do much more may seem difficult however, a note of appreciation to the gift givers to the wedding should be prioritized as an important final step in the event. If at all possible it is best to issue a thank you note on the day the present arrives. This step will ensure that the couple does not find themselves overwhelmed with work a couple of weeks after their wedding. All in all thank–note should be issued no later than 3-months after the wedding sooner if possible would again be a preferred choice.

What type of stationary is required?
There are no special stationary requirements for thank-you notes. Using printed paper engraved with the bride’s maiden name initials, married name or monogram of a last name. If the bride is to take her husband’s name then a good idea might be to wait until the name is official before sending out initialized notes.

What is usually included in the thank-you notes?
The content of a thank-you note should include a specific reference to the gift given. It should be a genuine expression of appreciation and be personalized by the expression of sincere thanks for the thought and effort.

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